Team participation for Ahmed Sghaier

Ahmed Sghaier is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Cllfsm 2013-10-02 Member Subscribed
Club Free mind 2013-05-03 Member Subscribed
GNULUG.TN 2015-12-13 Admin Not subscribed
GNULUG.TN 2015-08-16 Member
JCertif 2013-11-09 Owner Subscribed
Jcertif Tunisia 2013-11-09 Admin Subscribed
Sound Touch Developers Member Ubuntu-TN Developers
Ubuntu Africa 2015-07-08 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Arabic Manual 2010-07-22 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Egypt LoCo Member Ubuntu Africa
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Egypt LoCo, Ubuntu Africa
Ubuntu Manual Team Member Ubuntu Arabic Manual Subscribed
Ubuntu Moroccan Users Member Ubuntu Africa
Ubuntu Phone 2013-02-11 Member
Ubuntu-TN Developers 2013-10-27 Owner Subscribed
qNmap 2014-09-13 Owner Not subscribed