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AIMS-desktop is developed at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences - South Africa (, a centre for education and research in Cape Town, South Africa, and the first centre in the AIMS network.

The AIMS desktop PPAs listed here are deprecated. AIMS desktop is moving from an Ubuntu derivative to a Debian derivative. We expect to launch shortly after Debian Stretch is becomes the next stable release in 2017.

Watch this space: (and

We hope to continue updating the Sagemath PPA for Ubuntu on a best-effort basis, but Sage is available in Debian stretch (December 2016), so will be in Ubuntu from 17.04, or you can (manually) install the binaries from

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:aims/aims-desktop to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aims/aims-desktop
sudo apt update
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1024R/C5ACDE79014125D8F25B843ABDCB16CCBE796FF2 (What is this?)


For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact AIMS.

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175 of 75 results
Package Version Uploaded by
aims-apt-autoupgrade 0.1ubuntu1 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-artwork 14.04.1610.01 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-bashrc 14.04.1609.01 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-bashrc 0.1ubuntu5 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-complete-install 14.04.1609.03 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-desktop 14.04.1702 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-desktop 0.1ubuntu3 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-desktop-extra 0.1ubuntu1 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-desktop-minimal 14.04.1503.01 Jonathan Carter ()
aims-desktop-minimal 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-desktop-setup 0.1ubuntu54 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-desktop-setup 0.1ubuntu31 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-desktop-standard 0.1ubuntu3 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-desktop-standard 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-extra-commands 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-fonts 14.04.1506.01 Jonathan Carter ()
aims-glib-schema 14.04.1610.01 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-glib-schema 0.1ubuntu7 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-glib-schema-laptop 14.04.1610.01 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-glib-schema-laptop 0.1ubuntu6 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-help-centre 14.04.1701.03 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-jupyter-installer 14.04.1702 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-lab 0.1ubuntu28 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-lab 0.1ubuntu26 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-lab-auth 0.1ubuntu3 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-lab-auth 0.1 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-language-extra 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-language-minimal 0.1ubuntu3 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-language-minimal 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-language-standard 14.04.1608.01 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-language-standard 0.1ubuntu4 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-latex-extra 0.1ubuntu3 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-latex-minimal 0.1ubuntu3 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-latex-minimal 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-latex-standard 14.04.1503.01 Jonathan Carter ()
aims-latex-standard 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-live 14.04.1609.02 Jonathan Carter ()
aims-media-extra 0.1ubuntu7 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-media-minimal 14.04.1503.01 Jonathan Carter ()
aims-media-minimal 0.1ubuntu6 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-media-standard 14.04.1503.01 Jonathan Carter ()
aims-media-standard 0.1ubuntu5 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-proxyrc 0.1ubuntu4 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-proxyrc 0.1ubuntu3 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-restricted-extras 14.04.1608.01 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-science-extra 0.1ubuntu49 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-science-minimal 0.1ubuntu9 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-science-minimal 0.1ubuntu5 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-science-standard 14.04.1610.01 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-science-standard 0.1ubuntu9 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-server 0.1 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-utils-extra 0.1ubuntu31 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-utils-minimal 0.1ubuntu1 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-utils-minimal 0.1 Jan Groenewald ()
aims-utils-standard 14.04.1503.01 Jonathan Carter ()
aims-utils-standard 0.1ubuntu11 Jan Groenewald ()
boot-repair 4ppa33 YannUbuntu ()
glade2script 3.2.2~ppa47~saucy YannUbuntu ()
nektar++-source 3.2.0 Jan Groenewald ()
octave-gui 0.1ubuntu4 Jan Groenewald ()
pydde-source 0.1 Jan Groenewald ()
pydelay-source 0.1ubuntu1 Jan Groenewald ()
pygsl-source 0.1ubuntu3 Jan Groenewald ()
python-fipy-upstream-deb 2.1.3-1ubuntu1 Jan Groenewald ()
r-install-packages 0.1ubuntu6 Jan Groenewald ()
r-install-packages 0.1ubuntu5 Jan Groenewald ()
refind 0.10.1-0ppa1 Rod Smith ()
refind 0.10.1-0ppa1 Rod Smith ()
rstudio-upstream-deb 1.0.143~ppa1 Jan Groenewald ()
rstudio-upstream-deb 1.0.136~ppa1 Jan Groenewald ()
rstudio-upstream-deb 0.98.501 Jan Groenewald ()
scilab-install-financial 0.1ubuntu1 Jan Groenewald ()
sfepy-source 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
texmaker-inline-spellchecker 0.1ubuntu2 Jan Groenewald ()
ubiquity-slideshow-aimsdesktop 14.04.1505.01 Jonathan Carter ()
175 of 75 results

Latest updates

  • rstudio-upstream-deb 265 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • rstudio-upstream-deb 269 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • octave-gui 271 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • aims-jupyter-installer 273 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • aims-desktop 273 weeks ago
    Successfully built