Team participation for Akretion Team

“Akretion Team” team is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via
Barroux Abbey 2014-04-04 Member
E-Commerce Addons Core Editors 2012-11-16 Member
Magento OpenERP (5.0-6.1) Community 2010-03-11 Member
OpenERP Coface commiters 2011-12-06 Member
OpenERP FR Core Editors 2014-03-25 Member
OpenERP Fleet maintenance community 2012-01-17 Member
OpenERP RMA 2012-06-11 Member
OpenERP Rental Commiters 2014-01-28 Member
Philemon Core Editors 2014-04-04 Member
Prestashop OpenERP (5.0-6.1) Community Member PrestashopERPConnect core editors
PrestashopERPConnect core editors 2012-02-01 Member
extra-addons-commiter 2012-03-06 Member