Team participation for Alessandro Pilotti

Alessandro Pilotti is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Canonical Contributor Agreement 2012-11-13 Member
Cloudbase Solutions 2015-04-06 Owner
Compute Hyper-V Bugs 2015-10-05 Member
Compute Hyper-V Drivers 2015-10-05 Member
Glance 2012-08-10 Member
Hyper-V OpenStack 2012-08-13 Member
Networking Hyper-V Bugs 2015-10-05 Member
Networking Hyper-V Drivers 2015-02-11 Member
Nova 2012-08-08 Member
OS-Win Bugs 2015-10-05 Member
OS-Win Drivers 2015-10-05 Admin
OpenStack Contributors 2012-08-10 Member
OpenStack Team 2012-04-17 Member
Oslo Windows Bugs 2015-08-06 Member
Oslo Windows Drivers 2015-08-06 Member