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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
sudo Ubuntu Trusty 1.8.9p5-1ubuntu1 2014-02-10 None
mariadb-5.5 Ubuntu Trusty 5.5.32-1ubuntu1 2014-01-13 None
openafs Ubuntu Quantal 1.6.1-2+ubuntu2.2 2013-12-20 None
openafs Ubuntu Precise 1.6.1-1+ubuntu0.3 2013-12-20 None
rsyslog Ubuntu Quantal 5.8.6-1ubuntu9.3 2013-11-22 None
netcfg Ubuntu Precise 1.68ubuntu14.1 2013-11-20 None
ardour3 Ubuntu Trusty 3.5.74~dfsg-1ubuntu1 2013-11-18 None
tofrodos Ubuntu Trusty 1.7.13+ds-1ubuntu1 2013-11-07 None
debootstrap Ubuntu Saucy 1.0.53ubuntu0.1 2013-10-21 None
debootstrap Ubuntu Raring 1.0.46ubuntu1.1 2013-10-21 None
debootstrap Ubuntu Quantal 1.0.42ubuntu0.3 2013-10-21 None
iproute Ubuntu Raring 20121211-2ubuntu1 2013-10-15 None
systemtap Ubuntu Precise 1.6-1ubuntu1.1 2013-10-11 None
qemu-kvm Ubuntu Precise 1.0+noroms-0ubuntu14.12 2013-10-08 None
ifupdown Ubuntu Raring 0.7.5ubuntu2.2 2013-09-17 None
ifupdown Ubuntu Quantal 0.7.2ubuntu4 2013-09-17 None
crash Ubuntu Saucy 6.1.6-1ubuntu2 2013-09-17 None
ifupdown Ubuntu Saucy 0.7.44ubuntu3 2013-09-16 None
initramfs-tools Ubuntu Precise 0.99ubuntu13.3 2013-09-16 None
initramfs-tools Ubuntu Quantal 0.103ubuntu0.2.1 2013-09-16 None
initramfs-tools Ubuntu Raring 0.103ubuntu0.8 2013-09-16 None
wesnoth-1.10 Ubuntu Saucy 1:1.10.6-2ubuntu1 2013-08-21 None
openafs Ubuntu Saucy 1.6.5-1ubuntu2 2013-08-05 None
pywebkitgtk Ubuntu Saucy 1.1.8-3ubuntu1 2013-06-27 None
python-boto Ubuntu Raring 2.3.0-1ubuntu0.13.04.1 2013-06-20 None
python-boto Ubuntu Quantal 2.3.0-1ubuntu0.12.10.1 2013-06-20 None
python-boto Ubuntu Precise 2.2.2-0ubuntu3 2013-06-20 None
iptables Ubuntu Saucy 1.4.18-1ubuntu1 2013-06-14 None
apt-cacher-ng Ubuntu Precise 0.7.2-1ubuntu2.1 2013-04-16 None
network-manager-applet Ubuntu Precise 2013-03-25 None
iptables Ubuntu Precise 1.4.12-1ubuntu5 2013-02-28 None
iptables Ubuntu Quantal 1.4.12-2ubuntu2.2 2013-02-20 None
weechat Ubuntu Raring 0.4.0-1ubuntu1 2013-01-31 None
unity Ubuntu Precise 5.18.0-0ubuntu2 2013-01-31 None
pacemaker Ubuntu Raring 1.1.7-1ubuntu2 2013-01-29 None
gpgme1.0 Ubuntu Raring 1.2.0-1.4ubuntu4 2013-01-29 None
redland-bindings Ubuntu Raring 2013-01-24 None
pygoocanvas Ubuntu Raring 0.14.1-1ubuntu8 2013-01-21 None
pywebkitgtk Ubuntu Raring 1.1.8-2ubuntu4 2013-01-21 None
notify-python Ubuntu Raring 0.1.1-3build2 2013-01-21 None
subversion Ubuntu Raring 1.7.5-1ubuntu3 2013-01-18 None
xen Ubuntu Raring 4.2.0-1ubuntu5 2013-01-15 None
cinder Ubuntu Raring 2013.1~g2-0ubuntu2 2013-01-15 None
gimp Ubuntu Raring 2.8.2-1ubuntu3 2013-01-15 None
libxml2 Ubuntu Raring 2.9.0+dfsg1-4ubuntu1 2013-01-14 None
libxslt Ubuntu Raring 1.1.27-1ubuntu1 2013-01-10 None
parser Ubuntu Raring 3.4.2-4ubuntu1 2013-01-10 None
php-horde-turba Ubuntu Raring 4.0.1-1ubuntu1 2013-01-09 None
php-horde-mnemo Ubuntu Raring 4.0.1-1ubuntu1 2013-01-09 None
php-horde-ingo Ubuntu Raring 3.0.1-1ubuntu1 2013-01-09 None
turnserver Ubuntu Raring 0.7.2-1ubuntu1 2013-01-09 None
libxcrypt Ubuntu Raring 1:2.4-1.1ubuntu1 2013-01-08 None
crash Ubuntu Raring 6.1.0-1ubuntu2 2013-01-08 None
rpm Ubuntu Raring 4.10.1-2.1ubuntu1 2013-01-07 None
calcurse Ubuntu Raring 3.1.2-1ubuntu1 2013-01-04 None
whois Ubuntu Oneiric 5.0.11ubuntu3 2012-12-07 None
memtest86+ Ubuntu Quantal 4.20-1.1ubuntu2.1 2012-12-07 None
memtest86+ Ubuntu Raring 4.20-1.1ubuntu3 2012-12-05 None
rsyslog Ubuntu Raring 5.8.6-1ubuntu11 2012-12-05 None
quota Ubuntu Precise 4.00-3ubuntu1 2012-10-04 None
quota Ubuntu Quantal 4.00-4ubuntu2 2012-10-04 None
systemtap Ubuntu Quantal 1.7-1ubuntu1 2012-09-28 None
gnome-pkg-tools Ubuntu Precise 0.19.1ubuntu3 2012-09-10 None
nss-pam-ldapd Ubuntu Oneiric 0.7.13ubuntu0.11.10 2012-07-23 None
nss-pam-ldapd Ubuntu Natty 0.7.13ubuntu0.11.04 2012-07-23 None
powertop Ubuntu Quantal 2.0-0.1ubuntu1 2012-06-29 None
pixelmed Ubuntu Quantal 20120508-1ubuntu1 2012-06-28 None
chkconfig Ubuntu Quantal 11.4-54.60.1-1ubuntu1 2012-06-25 None
nss-pam-ldapd Ubuntu Precise 0.8.4ubuntu0.1 2012-06-20 None
sphinx Ubuntu Quantal 1.1.3+dfsg-4ubuntu2 2012-06-20 None
singular Ubuntu Quantal 3-0-4-3.dfsg-3.1ubuntu5 2012-06-19 None
flint Ubuntu Quantal 1.011-2build1 2012-06-19 armhf
nagios-plugins-contrib Ubuntu Quantal 1.20120228ubuntu2 2012-06-15 None
psensor Ubuntu Quantal 2012-06-15 None
dropbear Ubuntu Precise 2011.54-1ubuntu0.12.04.2 2012-06-14 None
76150 of 157 results