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Maintained packages

3 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
clementine Ubuntu Natty 0.7.1-0ubuntu2 2011-04-09 armel
clementine Ubuntu Lucid 0.6-0ubuntu5~lucid1 2011-01-15 sparc armel
clementine Ubuntu Maverick 0.6-0ubuntu4~maverick1 2011-01-06 None

Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
glusterfs Ubuntu Wily 3.7.3-1ubuntu1 2015-08-01 None
gsasl Ubuntu Wily 1.8.0-8ubuntu1 2015-08-01 None
plasma-nm Ubuntu Wily 4:5.3.2-1ubuntu1 2015-07-28 None
pkg-kde-tools Ubuntu Wily 0.15.18ubuntu1 2015-07-25 None
ipgrab Ubuntu Wily 0.9.10-1.1ubuntu1 2015-07-19 None
gnome-keyring Ubuntu Wily 3.16.0-2ubuntu1 2015-07-06 None
exim4 Ubuntu Wily 4.86~RC4-2ubuntu1 2015-07-06 None
mpv Ubuntu Wily 0.9.2-1ubuntu1 2015-07-06 None
kamailio Ubuntu Wily 4.3.0-1ubuntu1 2015-07-04 None
gnome-color-manager Ubuntu Wily 3.16.0-1ubuntu1 2015-06-28 None

PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
subtitleeditor testing - Ubuntu Wily 0.52.1-1~ppa3 2015-07-29 None
glusterfs testing - Ubuntu Wily 3.7.2-1ubuntu1~ppa0 2015-07-19 None
bind9 testing - Ubuntu Wily 1:9.9.5.dfsg-10~ppa0 2015-07-19 None
ipgrab testing - Ubuntu Wily 0.9.10-1.1ubuntu1~ppa0 2015-07-19 None
mpv testing - Ubuntu Wily 0.9.2-1ubuntu1~ppa0 2015-07-06 None
simgear testing - Ubuntu Wily 3.4.0-2~ppa0 2015-05-24 None
python-cryptography testing - Ubuntu Wily 0.8.2-3~ppa0 2015-05-18 None
gcompris testing - Ubuntu Wily 15.02-1~ppa0 2015-05-12 None
webkit2gtk testing - Ubuntu Wily 2.8.1+dfsg1-1~ppa0 2015-05-10 None
gfarm2fs testing - Ubuntu Wily 2015-05-10 None

Synchronised packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
python-cryptography-vectors Ubuntu Wily 0.9.3-1 11 hours ago None
python-ipaddress Ubuntu Wily 1.0.14-1 11 hours ago None
libfontenc Ubuntu Wily 1:1.1.3-1 12 hours ago None
jbig2dec Ubuntu Wily 0.12-2 12 hours ago None
libxrandr Ubuntu Wily 2:1.5.0-1 14 hours ago None
libpciaccess Ubuntu Wily 0.13.4-1 14 hours ago None
zabbix Ubuntu Wily 1:2.4.5+dfsg-1 2015-08-02 None
kdoctools Ubuntu Wily 5.12.0-1 2015-08-02 None
eweouz Ubuntu Wily 0.10 2015-08-02 None
python-sqlsoup Ubuntu Wily 0.9.0+dfsg-2.1 2015-08-01 None