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Maintained packages

5 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
adplug Debian Sid 2.2.1+dfsg3-0.4 2017-03-07 None
adplug Ubuntu Wily 2.2.1+dfsg3-0.2ubuntu2 2015-08-05 None
adplug Ubuntu Trusty 2.2.1+dfsg3-0.1ubuntu1 2014-01-03 None
adplug Ubuntu Precise 2.2.1+dfsg1-1build1 2012-02-29 None
adplug Ubuntu Oneiric 2.2.1+dfsg1-1 2011-05-29 None

Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
indicator-cpufreq Ubuntu Raring 0.2.2-0ubuntu1 2013-03-11 None
libffado Ubuntu Raring 2.1.0+svn2240-1ubuntu2 2013-02-01 None
indicator-cpufreq Ubuntu Precise 0.1.4-0ubuntu2 2012-03-28 None
xchat Ubuntu Precise 2.8.8-3ubuntu12 2012-02-23 None
libffado Ubuntu Precise 2.0.99+svn2019-1ubuntu1 2012-02-17 None
jackd2 Ubuntu Precise 1.9.8~dfsg.1-1ubuntu1 2012-02-10 None
modemmanager Ubuntu Precise 0.5+git.20111231t174444.1e332ab-0ubuntu1 2012-01-02 None
p7zip-rar Ubuntu Oneiric 9.20.1~ds.1-3 2011-10-03 None
libappindicator Ubuntu Natty 0.2.96-0ubuntu3 2011-02-28 None
libvorbis Ubuntu Natty 1.3.2-1ubuntu1 2011-02-21 None

PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
rove monome - Ubuntu Zesty 0.2~git20120905-0ubuntu1~zesty2 2017-05-26 None
serialosc monome - Ubuntu Zesty 1.4+git20150929-0ubuntu1~zesty1 2017-05-26 None
libmonome monome - Ubuntu Zesty 1.4+git20170311-0ubuntu1~zesty1 2017-05-26 None
rove monome - Ubuntu Xenial 0.2~git20120905-0ubuntu1~xenial1 2016-04-25 None
serialosc monome - Ubuntu Xenial 1.4+git20150929-0ubuntu1~xenial1 2016-04-25 None
libmonome monome - Ubuntu Xenial 1.4+git20160217-0ubuntu1~xenial1 2016-04-25 None
supercollider PPA - Ubuntu Wily 1:3.7.0~repack-1ubuntu1~wily1 2016-03-19 None
serialosc monome - Ubuntu Wily 1.4+git20150929-0ubuntu1~wily1 2015-09-29 None
rove monome - Ubuntu Wily 0.2~git20120905-0ubuntu1~wily1 2015-09-25 None
libmonome monome - Ubuntu Wily 1.4+git20150603-0ubuntu1~wily1 2015-09-25 None