Open relationships, hall passes, non-exclusive relationships-everybody’s doing it right? Well, with all the hype surrounding these things you would think everybody is, but the truth is the monogamous, committed relationship still reigns supreme. But with all the talk surrounding this, you have to wonder, are people really doing this and why? And if so, IS IT WORKING?

I think we all know the why behind this new thinking. Relationships are not working, divorce is common, and people are losing faith in the institution of marriage and monogamous relationships. People are looking to redefine relationships, tailor them more to the “times”, after all, long gone are the days of courting and stay at home moms. Things change and evolve, we are left to adapt to the changes brought about by new technologies, advancements in science, and higher learning. Is this another way to adapt?

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So do open relationships work? The answer-just as well as committed, monogamous relationships. Frankly putting it, close to 90% of relationships fail. The relationship that you are in is subject to your own rules and expectations. Monogamy is only one aspect of a relationship, although an important one, I do believe that an open relationship could work and is working for people. A relationship is built on trust. Being in an open relationship and being able to trust that your partner is abiding by the rules and expectations is the same as expecting monogamy from your partner. Honesty, openness, trust, and great communication are the buildings blocks from which any lasting relationship is formed.

Is an open relationship for you? Only you can answer that of course. It is only for those who understand the expectations and have great communication. Do I believe in the institution of marriage? Absolutely. Open relationships serve a purpose at particular times in our lives, but the monogamous, committed, sacred relationship that is only shared between two people is priceless, but hard to find. When you do, hang out to it for dear life!!

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