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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
nicotine Ubuntu Lucid 1.2.12+dfsg-1ubuntu2 None
nicotine Ubuntu Karmic 1.2.12+dfsg-1ubuntu1.1 None
zenity Ubuntu Lucid 2.28.0-1ubuntu1 None
alacarte Ubuntu Lucid 0.12.4-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-netstatus Ubuntu Lucid 2.28.0-1ubuntu1 None
webdeveloper Ubuntu Karmic 1.1.8-1ubuntu2 None
semweb Ubuntu Karmic 1.05+dfsg-2ubuntu1 None
speeddial Ubuntu Karmic None
passepartout Ubuntu Karmic 0.7.0-1.1ubuntu1 None
bitstormlite Ubuntu Karmic 0.2p-0ubuntu1 None
amule Ubuntu Karmic 2.2.6-0ubuntu1 None
epiphany-browser Ubuntu Karmic 2.28.0-4ubuntu1 None
nicotine Ubuntu Jaunty 1.2.12+dfsg-1ubuntu1~jaunty1 None
long-url-please Ubuntu Karmic 0.4.1-0ubuntu2 None
scilab Ubuntu Karmic 5.1.1-8 powerpc armel
taskjuggler Ubuntu Karmic 2.4.3-1ubuntu2 None
glide Ubuntu Hardy 2002.04.10-15ubuntu1 None
exaile Ubuntu Hardy None
rake Ubuntu Hardy 0.7.3-1ubuntu1 None
sendmail Ubuntu Hardy 8.14.2-1 None
ncbi-tools6 Ubuntu Hardy 6.1.20070822-2 None
manedit Ubuntu Hardy 0.8.1-3 None
kolab-webadmin Ubuntu Hardy 2.1.0-20070510-2 None
torrentflux Ubuntu Hardy 2.3-5 None
telepathy-haze Ubuntu Hardy 0.1.2-1 None
nvtv Ubuntu Hardy 0.4.7-6 None
bitbake Ubuntu Hardy 1.8.8-1ubuntu1 None
twig Ubuntu Hardy 2.8.3-2.3ubuntu1 None
ssmtp Ubuntu Hardy 2.61-12.1ubuntu1 None
exaile Ubuntu Gutsy 0.2.10+debian-1.1ubuntu2 None
bittornado Ubuntu Gutsy 0.3.18-4 None
lightning-extension-locales Ubuntu Gutsy 0.5-0ubuntu2 None
xsel Ubuntu Gutsy 0.9.6-1.1ubuntu2 None
gmsh Ubuntu Gutsy 2.0.8-1ubuntu1 None
kobodeluxe Ubuntu Gutsy 0.4pre10-5ubuntu1 None
xgalaga Ubuntu Gutsy 2.0.34-44ubuntu1 None
nginx Ubuntu Gutsy 0.5.26-1ubuntu1 None
texmaker Ubuntu Gutsy 1.6-1ubuntu1 None
balsa Ubuntu Gutsy 2.3.17-1ubuntu1 lpia
ncbi-tools6 Ubuntu Gutsy 6.1.20061015-2ubuntu1 None
httrack Ubuntu Gutsy 3.41.23-1ubuntu1 None
dietlibc Ubuntu Gutsy 0.30-7ubuntu1 None
maelstrom Ubuntu Gutsy 1.4.3-L3.0.6-7ubuntu1 None
regexxer Ubuntu Gutsy 0.9-1ubuntu3 None
kover Ubuntu Gutsy 1:2.9.6-4ubuntu1 hppa
quodlibet-plugins Ubuntu Gutsy 20070625-1ubuntu1 None
circuslinux Ubuntu Gutsy 1.0.3-20ubuntu1 None
uswsusp Ubuntu Gutsy 0.6~cvs20070618-1ubuntu1 None
gobby Ubuntu Gutsy 0.4.4-1ubuntu1 None
xsp Ubuntu Gutsy 1.2.4-1ubuntu1 None
spiralsynthmodular Ubuntu Gutsy 0.2.2a-4ubuntu1 None
stratagus Ubuntu Gutsy 2.1-9.2ubuntu1 None
tiger Ubuntu Gutsy 1:3.2.1-36ubuntu1 None
courier-authlib Ubuntu Gutsy 0.59.3-2ubuntu1 None
gnomad2 Ubuntu Gutsy 2.8.12-2ubuntu1 None
tracker Ubuntu Gutsy 0.5.4-6ubuntu1 None
linkchecker Ubuntu Gutsy 4.7-2ubuntu1 None
conquest Ubuntu Gutsy 8.2b-1ubuntu1 None
hydrogen Ubuntu Gutsy 0.9.3-4ubuntu1 None
duplicity Ubuntu Gutsy 0.4.2-16ubuntu1 None
kolab-webadmin Ubuntu Gutsy 2.1.0-20070510-1ubuntu1 None
pyinotify Ubuntu Gutsy 0.7.0-2ubuntu1 lpia
gpib Ubuntu Gutsy 3.2.06-3.2ubuntu1 None
scim-canna Ubuntu Gutsy 1.0.0-3 None
albumshaper Ubuntu Gutsy 2.1-3ubuntu1 None
polipo Ubuntu Gutsy 1.0.0-1ubuntu1 None
quodlibet Ubuntu Gutsy 1.0-1ubuntu1 None
gpixpod Ubuntu Gutsy 0.6.2-0ubuntu4 None
gok Ubuntu Gutsy 1.2.5-1ubuntu1 None
scigraphica Ubuntu Gutsy 0.8.0-9.1ubuntu4 None
dbmail Ubuntu Gutsy 2.2.5-1ubuntu1 None
apt-proxy Ubuntu Gutsy 1.9.36ubuntu1 None
xerces-j Ubuntu Gutsy 1.4.4-3ubuntu1 None
mplayerplug-in Ubuntu Gutsy 3.40-5ubuntu1 None
endeavour Ubuntu Gutsy 2.8.1-3ubuntu1 None
175 of 112 results