Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
dxvk Debian Sid 1.9+ds1-1 armhf arm64
gopass Debian Sid 1.4.1-1 None
opendht Debian Sid 2.1.10-1 None
ydotool Debian Sid 0.1.8-3 None
libevdevplus Debian Sid 0.1.1-2 None
opendht Ubuntu Hirsute 2.1.6-1build1 None
pep8-simul Ubuntu Focal 8.1.3+git20180702~ds1-3build1 None
libuinputplus Debian Sid 0.1.4-2 None
fontcustom Debian Sid 2.0.0+ds4-5.1 None
influxdb-python Debian Sid 5.2.0-1.1 None
opendht Ubuntu Disco 1.8.1-1build1 None
python-click Debian Sid 7.0-1 None
fonts-fork-awesome Debian Sid 1.1.2+ds3-2 None
pep8-simul Debian Sid 8.1.3+git20180702~ds1-3 None
wait-for-it Debian Sid 0.0~git20180723-1 None
autodeb Debian Sid 0.20.0-1 None
opendht Ubuntu Cosmic 1.6.0-1build1 None
influxdb Debian Sid s390x ppc64el powerpc arm64
python-riemann-client Ubuntu Xenial 6.1.2-1ubuntu2 None
python-click Ubuntu Xenial 5.1-1ubuntu2 None
python-riemann-client Debian Sid 6.1.2-1 None
python-riemann-client Ubuntu Wily 5.1.1-2ubuntu2 None
python-click Ubuntu Vivid 3.3-2ubuntu1 None
123 of 23 results