A date with an unfamiliar person can sometimes be uncomfortable. Conversation can move awkwardly along while you are first getting to know someone. It is difficult to know what the date sitting across from you is thinking or feeling. It would be rude to ask, “what do you think of me so far?”. But, there is another way to see how your date is progressing without asking these uncomfortable questions. You can do this by observing “body language”.

Unconscious communication through body language is always taking place. When we communicate (on a date or in everyday life), we send signals with our bodies as well as with our words. This unconscious communication is subtle, but can be interpreted with a little knowledge about how body language works. Once you can spot the signals, you can get a better idea of how you are interacting with people around you.

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What types of body language signals can you watch for on a date?


For example on a date, if your partner looks directly into your the eyes, this shows interest. Intense eye contact is one of the most important indicators of attraction on a date. If a date holds your gaze longer than you would in a normal conversation, they may be more open to you romantically. On the other hand, if they tend to avoid eye contact, they are most likely not receptive to you as a partner. The amount of eye contact you receive from a person can show how comfortable or close this person feels toward you.

Another signal that can clue you in to what your date is thinking, is their physical proximity to you. If your date moves to sit closer, touches you on the arm, or moves in closely to tell you something, they are interested in more contact. This also works if you initiate the contact. If you move in closely and your date doesn’t retract, this is a sign that they are receptive to you. If your date leans away, as you move in, they might be rejecting you as a partner. There is also a chance that are interested, but do not feel comfortable enough with you to accept the advance. Most dating advice from experts in this field, state that you should not initiate contact, until conversation is flowing easily. This will minimize the chance of rejection and allow your date to become more comfortable with you.

Initiation of Conversation
One big clue to whether your date is romantically interested or not, is whether they initiate conversation. If you start every discussion, your date may either shy or not interested in getting to know you. Initiation of conversation is one of the best indicators of interest in a partner. If your date is making a solid effort to get to know you, in spite of the awkwardness of a first date, they will usually be receptive to pursuing the relationship.

Indicators of Attraction
There are different indicators of attraction which are often sent out in public or on a date. For women, these indicators include hair flipping, licking or lips, and fixing makeup. This body language shows that the person feels an attraction and would like to engage in deeper conversation. For men, these indicators are things like adopting an “open facial expression” with parted lips, raised eyebrows, and an intense gaze. Men will also puff their chest out in an attempt to look bigger compared to other guys around them. They also may fix their hair or straighten out their clothes in an attempt to improve their appearance.

These “body language signals” let you know whether a date is interested in taking the relationship further. Body language used along with conversation can help you decipher what is going on inside your date’s head. It may take experience to accurately judge a person’s feelings by observing these “body signals”. But, once this technique is mastered, you can tell how a date is going WITHOUT asking.

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