Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
latex-coffee-stains Debian Sid 7-2 None
ddccontrol-db Debian Sid 20220720-1 None
fossil Debian Sid 1:2.19-1 None
focuswriter Debian Sid 1.8.1-1 None
libemf Debian Sid 1.0.13-5 None
terminus Debian Sid 1.17.0-1 None
bbdb3 Debian Sid 3.2.2b-1 None
webcamoid Debian Sid 9.0.0-4 None
dwdiff Ubuntu Kinetic 2.1.4-1build2 None
mit-scheme Debian Sid 11.2-4 None
oaklisp Debian Sid 1.3.7-4 None
djvulibre Debian Buster None
dwdiff Debian Sid 2.1.4-2 None
pop3browser Debian Sid 0.4.1-9 None
xournalpp Debian Sid 1.1.1-1 None
gromit-mpx Debian Sid 1.4.2-1 None
dwdiff Ubuntu Jammy 2.1.4-1build1 None
ikarus Debian Sid 0.0.3+bzr.2010.01.26+bap.1-1 None
qlogo Debian Sid 0.92+git.1.29a5ca2-2 None
usbview Debian Sid 3.0-2 None
ucblogo Debian Sid 6.2.2-2 None
ddccontrol Debian Sid 0.6.0-8 None
libmcrypt Debian Sid 2.5.8-7 None
mcrypt Debian Sid 2.6.8-6 None
ivtools Debian Sid 2.0.11d.a1-1 None
jacal Debian Sid 1c7-3 None
scrypt Ubuntu Jammy 1.3.1-2build1 ppc64el
pstoedit Debian Sid 3.78-1 None
fossil Ubuntu Jammy 1:2.16-3build1 None
swisswatch Debian Sid 0.6-19 None
scrypt Debian Sid 1.3.1-2 ppc64el
x2x Debian Sid 1.30-10 None
pdf-presenter-console Debian Sid 4.5.0-3 None
mhash Ubuntu Impish None
djvulibre Ubuntu Impish 3.5.28-2build1 None
github-backup Ubuntu Impish 1.20200721-2build1 None
ikarus Ubuntu Impish 0.0.3+bzr.2010.01.26-7build1 None
youtubedl-gui Debian Sid 3.0-1 None
granule Debian Sid 1.4.0-7-10 None
djview4 Debian Sid 4.12-3 None
diffpdf Debian Sid None
fossil Debian Experimental 1:2.16-1 None
djvulibre Debian Sid 3.5.28-2 None
diffpdf Debian Experimental None
stopmotion Debian Sid 0.8.5-4 None
docx2txt Debian Sid 1.4-5 None
pstoedit Ubuntu Hirsute 3.75-1build2 None
gtkboard Debian Sid 0.11pre0+cvs.2003.11.02-11 None
xjokes Debian Sid 1.0-17 None
granule-manual Debian Sid 1.1.0+dfsg-3.1 None
clippoly Debian Sid 0.11-10 s390x ppc64el arm64
chibi-scheme Debian Sid 0.9.1-3 armhf
basic256 Debian Sid None
f2c Debian Sid 20200916-1 None
github-backup Debian Sid 1.20200721-2 None
zenlisp Debian Sid 2013.11.22-3 None
scheme9 Debian Sid 2018.12.05-2 None
libf2c2 Debian Sid 20140711-1 None
tinyscheme Debian Sid 1.42.svn.2020.06.04-2 None
mhash Debian Sid None
raidutils Debian Sid 0.0.6-23 None
mldemos Ubuntu Focal 0.5.1+git.1.ee5d11f-4build1 s390x riscv64 ppc64el arm64 amd64 riscv64 s390x ppc64el arm64 amd64
granule Ubuntu Focal 1.4.0-7-9build1 None
stopmotion Ubuntu Focal 0.8.5-2build1 None
focuswriter Ubuntu Focal 1.7.4-1build1 None
djview4 Ubuntu Focal 4.11-2build1 riscv64
ucblogo Ubuntu Focal 6.1-0.1build1 None
raidutils Ubuntu Focal 0.0.6-22build1 None
qlogo Ubuntu Focal 0.92-1build1 None
pstoedit Ubuntu Focal 3.75-1build1 None
minidjvu Ubuntu Focal 0.8.svn.2010.05.06+dfsg-6build1 None
ivtools Ubuntu Focal 1.2.11a2-4build2 None
clippoly Ubuntu Focal 0.11-8build1 None
djvulibre Ubuntu Focal None
dwdiff Ubuntu Focal 2.1.2-2build2 None
175 of 308 results