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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
python-pika Ubuntu Zesty 0.10.0-1ubuntu1 None
python-babel Ubuntu Zesty 2.3.4+dfsg.1-2ubuntu1 None
apt-xapian-index Ubuntu Zesty 0.47ubuntu12 None
emacs25 Ubuntu Zesty 25.1+1-3ubuntu4 None
network-manager Ubuntu Zesty 1.4.4-1ubuntu2 None
aptdaemon Ubuntu Zesty 1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu17 None
claws-mail Ubuntu Yakkety 3.14.0-1ubuntu1 None
python-pip Ubuntu Xenial 8.1.1-2ubuntu0.2 None
pyparsing Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.3+dfsg1-1ubuntu0.1 None
apt-xapian-index Ubuntu Xenial 0.47ubuntu8 None
lua5.3 Ubuntu Xenial 5.3.1-1ubuntu1 powerpc
routes Ubuntu Xenial 2.2-1ubuntu2 None
gdebi Ubuntu Xenial None
paramiko Ubuntu Xenial 1.15.3-1ubuntu1 None
claws-mail Ubuntu Xenial 3.13.2-1ubuntu1 None
python-debian Ubuntu Xenial 0.1.27ubuntu2 None
matplotlib Ubuntu Xenial 1.5.1-1ubuntu1 None
whoopsie Ubuntu Xenial 0.2.52 None
pycurl Ubuntu Xenial 7.43.0-1ubuntu1 None
xdiagnose Ubuntu Xenial 3.8.3 None
liferea Ubuntu Xenial 1.10.17-1ubuntu2 None
rhythmbox Ubuntu Xenial 3.3-1ubuntu4 None
gtranslator Ubuntu Xenial 2.91.7-1ubuntu1 None
eog-plugins Ubuntu Xenial 3.16.3-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-builder Ubuntu Xenial 3.18.1-2ubuntu1 None
gedit Ubuntu Xenial 3.18.3-0ubuntu2 None
libpeas Ubuntu Xenial 1.16.0-1ubuntu1 None
pylint Ubuntu Xenial 1.5.2-1ubuntu1 None
oneconf Ubuntu Xenial 0.3.9 None
python-pip Ubuntu Wily 1.5.6-7ubuntu1.1 None
xapian1.3-bindings Ubuntu Xenial 1.3.3-0ubuntu2 None
lava-dispatcher Ubuntu Xenial 2015.9-1ubuntu1 None
python-flake8 Ubuntu Wily 2.2.2-1ubuntu2 None
python-apt Ubuntu Wily 1.0.0ubuntu1 None
debian-science Ubuntu Wily 1.4ubuntu3 None
emacs24 Ubuntu Wily 24.5+1-1ubuntu2 None
mugshot Ubuntu Wily 0.3.0-0ubuntu5 None
pycparser Ubuntu Wily 2.14+dfsg-2build1 None
python-cliff Ubuntu Wily 1.14.0-1ubuntu1 None
cmd2 Ubuntu Wily 0.6.8-0ubuntu1 None
python-testtools Ubuntu Wily 1.4.0-0ubuntu2 None
python-qt4 Ubuntu Wily 4.11.4+dfsg-1build3 None
python-debtcollector Ubuntu Wily 0.7.0-0ubuntu1 None
deja-dup Ubuntu Wily 34.0-1ubuntu3 None
python-mock Ubuntu Wily 1.3.0-2.1build1 None
software-properties Ubuntu Wily 0.96.9 None
claws-mail Ubuntu Wily 3.12.0-1ubuntu1 None
aptdaemon Ubuntu Wily 1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu8 None
dh-python Ubuntu Wily 2.20150719ubuntu2 None
pytables Ubuntu Wily 3.2.1-0ubuntu1 None
py3cairo Ubuntu Wily 1.10.0+dfsg-4ubuntu2 None
python-numpy Ubuntu Wily 1:1.8.2-1ubuntu2 None
ipython Ubuntu Wily 2.3.0-2build1 None
python-py Ubuntu Wily 1.4.30-1ubuntu1 None
configobj Ubuntu Wily 5.0.6-1ubuntu1 None
codespeak-lib Ubuntu Wily 1.4.29-1ubuntu1 None
python3-defaults Ubuntu Wily 3.4.3-4ubuntu1 None
beautifulsoup4 Ubuntu Wily 4.3.2-2ubuntu3 None
python-pip Ubuntu Trusty 1.5.4-1ubuntu3 None
python3.5 Ubuntu Wily 3.5.0~b2-1build1 None
pycurl Ubuntu Wily None
python-pex Ubuntu Vivid 0.8.6-1ubuntu2 None
python-pip Ubuntu Vivid 1.5.6-5ubuntu1 None
claws-mail Ubuntu Vivid 3.11.1-3ubuntu2 None
pybootchartgui Ubuntu Vivid 0+r141-0ubuntu5 None
nose2 Ubuntu Utopic 0.4.7-2ubuntu1 None
pycurl Ubuntu Utopic 7.19.5-3ubuntu1 None
bzr-fastimport Ubuntu Utopic 0.13.0-4ubuntu1 None
python-fastimport Ubuntu Utopic 0.9.4-1ubuntu1 None
moin Ubuntu Utopic 1.9.7-2ubuntu1 None
zope.untrustedpython Ubuntu Utopic 4.0.0-0ubuntu3 None
zope.component Ubuntu Utopic 4.2.1-2ubuntu1 None
zope.security Ubuntu Utopic 4.0.1-1ubuntu2 None
erc Ubuntu Utopic 5.3-1ubuntu2 None
zope.pagetemplate Ubuntu Utopic 4.0.4-0ubuntu2 None
175 of 327 results