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Maintained packages

9 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
swupdate Debian Experimental 2023.05+dfsg-1 None
fonts-montserrat Debian Experimental 7.222-1 None
swupdate Debian Sid 2022.12+dfsg-4 None
reprepro Debian Experimental 5.4.2-1 None
aspic Debian Sid 2.00+dfsg-1 None
gumbo-parser Debian Sid 0.10.1+dfsg-5 None
rtl8723bt-firmware Debian Sid 20181104-2 None
db5.3 Debian Sid 5.3.28+dfsg2-1 None
mtd-utils Debian Sid 1:2.1.5-1 None

PPA packages

1 package
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
python-websockets Test builds for backport packages - Ubuntu Jammy 10.2-1~bpo22.04.1 None