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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
hplip Unofficial hplip updates - Ubuntu Precise 3.12.6-3ubuntu2 None
cython Cython - Ubuntu Oneiric 0.15.1-1ubuntu2 None
pcb geda bleeding edge - Ubuntu Natty 20110803-1ubuntu1~ppa3 None
cython Cython - Ubuntu Natty 0.15-1ubuntu1~ppa1 None
cython Scientific computing - Ubuntu Natty 0.15-pre2ubuntu3 None
matplotlib Scientific computing - Ubuntu Natty 1.0.1-pre1ubuntu1 None
geda-gaf geda bleeding edge - Ubuntu Natty 1:1.8.0rc1-1ubuntu3 None
python-scipy Unofficial Scipy Updates - Ubuntu Maverick 0.8.0 None