I'm not a programmer or developer. I just really like the open source philosophy. I'm a firm believer that only the End User really knows what makes for their best personal user experience. Its not up to corporations to determine what the best user experience for them, just give them a workable, usable platform to enhance their own user experience.

I'm not as sophisticated as some when it comes to this but I do what I can and I enjoy the process as much as the end result. I also like the community and spirit that is fostered by the Ubuntu Community.

I also avidly sing the praises of Linux and have successfully converted my girlfriend, mother, sister, and my girlfriends mother (being an old hippie she appreciates the spirit of Ubuntu as well).

While I'm not a developer I do work in systems and understand the process of software development, testing, implementation, and maintenance, and understand what is required from an end-users and business perspective.

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