This team is involved in the rewrite of a reflexion game from the 1980s that run on computers like Commodore64, Amiga, Atari ST and the likes. As far as I know, this game doesn't exist on actual platform. This game has been given many names like MaxIt or Blue Angel. We'll say "Blue Angel".

The project is probably to be thought as more pedagogical than useful but nevertheless a clean result is expected at the end otherwise Quality will not be meet. One goal of the project is thus to learn something and Python is that something. Because Python is such a nice and smart language, available on many platform.

So if you want to join the team to help and to learn a bit more of Python than you actually do, you're welcome.
English spoken. French spoken (But if the team happens to be international, English will rule (how can I forget Waterloo like this ? ;-) )).

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Sun Wukong
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