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NOTE: I've heard there's a fork of Amarok called Pana, see for details. It looks like it's more maintained than my PPA, some of you might want to check it out. An advantage is that it can be installed in parallel with Amarok 2.0, which might be useful.

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For now just a re-release of Amarok 1.4 series, for users who don't want to use the 2.* series yet. It is based on the last version of Amarok 1.4 that was released in Jaunty, with only packaging changes.

The most important difference is that all binary packages are suffixed with "14" (e.g., "amarok14" is what you probably want to install); these conflict with the repository version (2.*) of Amarok. This way you can do "apt-get remove amarok && apt-get install amarok14" and stop having to worry about the 2.* updates.

Somebody* suggested a fix for the Wikipedia panel that seems to have worked; the fix is in all versions from ~ppa2 onward. (*: — thanks!)

There's a version for Hardy, too. I've disabled MPT device support, since it wouldn't compile without changes and I don't have time to investigate the library that causes this. This one has received ZERO TESTING, so beware.

The new ~ppa5 version contains the patch for the cover fetching bug that many of you reported. Cover fetching should now work via; I've played a bit with it and it seems to work, but note that this isn't a feature I'm using regularly so it's quite likely that bugs are still present.

There is now a Karmic series in the repository (though it contains exactly the same files as the Jaunty ones). Note that the Hardy version is the old one, without the cover fetcher fix.

Known bugs: 24-bit FLAC files are played as noise. This seems to be an issue with libxine, I'm still investigating. See for a reported work-around.

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sudo apt update
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amarok 2:1.4.10-0ubuntu3~ppa5 Bogdan Butnaru ()
amarok 2:1.4.10-0ubuntu3~ppa5 Bogdan Butnaru ()
amarok 2:1.4.10-0ubuntu3~ppa2hardy Bogdan Butnaru ()
14 of 4 results

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