Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
beagle Ubuntu Gutsy 0.2.17-1ubuntu1 None
evolution-sharp Ubuntu Gutsy 0.12.4-0ubuntu1 None
beagle Ubuntu Feisty None
evolution-sharp Ubuntu Feisty 0.12.2-0ubuntu1 None
muine Ubuntu Feisty 0.8.7-0ubuntu3 None
last-exit Ubuntu Feisty 4-0ubuntu2 None
beagle Ubuntu Edgy 0.2.9-1ubuntu3 None
openbox Ubuntu Edgy 3.3-2 None
balsa Ubuntu Edgy 2.3.13-1ubuntu4 None
mail-notification Ubuntu Edgy 3.0.dfsg.1-3ubuntu5 None
tomboy Ubuntu Edgy 0.3.9+dfsg-0ubuntu5 None
gmime2.2 Ubuntu Edgy 2.2.3-1 None
gnome-power-manager Ubuntu Edgy 2.15.92-0ubuntu1 None
muinescrobbler Ubuntu Edgy 0.1.8-0ubuntu1 None
muine Ubuntu Edgy 0.8.5-1ubuntu3 None
rrdtool Ubuntu Edgy 1.2.11-0.6ubuntu1 None
gtk-sharp2 Ubuntu Edgy 2.8.2-2build1 None
gtk-sharp Ubuntu Edgy 1:1.0.10-5build2 None
nunit2.2 Ubuntu Edgy 2.2.0-3ubuntu1 None
nunit Ubuntu Edgy 2.2.8-1ubuntu1 None
ndoc Ubuntu Edgy 1.3.1-1ubuntu1 None
nini Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.0+dfsg-1build1 None
gtksourceview-sharp Ubuntu Edgy 0.5-7build1 None
gtksourceview-sharp2 Ubuntu Edgy 0.10-3build1 None
gecko-sharp2 Ubuntu Edgy 0.11-3ubuntu1 None
gecko-sharp Ubuntu Edgy 0.6-4ubuntu1 None
evolution-sharp Ubuntu Edgy 0.11.1-1 None
gmime2.1 Ubuntu Edgy 2.1.19-1ubuntu1 None
monodoc Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.13-3ubuntu1 None
xsp Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.15-1 None
beagle Ubuntu Dapper 0.2.6-1ubuntu5 Not yet built
evolution-sharp Ubuntu Dapper 0.11.1-0ubuntu1 Not yet built
rrdtool Ubuntu Dapper 1.2.11-0.5ubuntu3 None
muine Ubuntu Dapper 0.8.4-1ubuntu1 None
134 of 34 results