Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
sfsexp Debian Sid 1.3.1+18~git20210718-1 None
racket Debian Sid 8.2+dfsg1-2 None
racket Ubuntu Impish 7.9+dfsg1-2build1 None
polymake Debian Sid 4.4-2 None
racket Debian Experimental 8.2+dfsg1-1 None
lrslib Debian Experimental 0.71b-1 None
pass-git-helper Debian Sid 1.1.1-0.1 None
bar-cursor-el Debian Sid 2.0-1.1 None
gitolite3 Debian Sid 3.6.12-1 None
ledger Ubuntu Hirsute 3.2.1-7build2 None
highlight Ubuntu Hirsute 3.41-2build4 None
ledger Debian Sid 3.2.1-7 None
lrslib Debian Sid 0.71a-1 None
ledger Ubuntu Groovy 3.2.1-2ubuntu1 None
polymake Debian Experimental 4.1-3 None
highlight Ubuntu Focal 3.41-2build3 None
polymake Ubuntu Focal 4.0-2ubuntu1 riscv64
ledger Ubuntu Focal 3.1.3-1ubuntu2 None
nullmailer Debian Sid 1:2.2-3 None
polymake Ubuntu Disco 3.2r4-1~build1 None
ledger Ubuntu Disco 3.1.2~pre1+g3a00e1c+dfsg1-5build7 None
highlight Ubuntu Disco 3.41-2build1 None
racket-mode Debian Sid 20181003git0-2 None
racket-mode Ubuntu Cosmic 20180908+0+e8850c6-1ubuntu1 None
highlight Debian Sid 3.41-2 None
ledger Ubuntu Cosmic 3.1.2~pre1+g3a00e1c+dfsg1-5build6 None
nullmailer Debian Experimental 1:2.1-6 None
polymake Ubuntu Bionic 3.1-5build1 None
ledger Ubuntu Bionic 3.1.2~pre1+g3a00e1c+dfsg1-5build5 None
polymake Ubuntu Artful 3.1-4build1 None
highlight Ubuntu Artful 3.38-1build1 None
gitolite3 Debian Jessie 3.6.1-2+deb8u2 None
faceup Debian Sid 0.0.4-1 None
polymake Ubuntu Yakkety 3.0r1-4build1 None
pixz Debian Sid 1.0.6-2 None
polymake Ubuntu Xenial 2.14r1-2build1 None
geiser Debian Sid 0.7-1 None
circe Debian Sid 1.6-2 None
circe Debian Experimental 1.6-1 None
dh-elpa Debian Experimental 0.0.2 None
gitolite3 Debian Experimental 3.6.3-3 None
gitolite3 Ubuntu Utopic 3.6.1-2~ubuntu14.10.1 None
gitolite3 Ubuntu Trusty 3.6.1-2~ubuntu14.04.1 None
haskell-mode Debian Sid 13.10-3 None
trayer Debian Sid 1.1.5-1 None
xsettingsd Debian Sid 0.0.20121210+72+g474f18a-1 None
bliss Debian Sid 0.72-5 None
geiser Debian Experimental 0.3-2 None
pixz Ubuntu Raring 1.0.2-1build1 powerpc armhf amd64
lrslib Ubuntu Raring 0.42c-1build1 None
racket Debian Wheezy 5.2.1+g6~92c8784+dfsg2-2+deb7u1 powerpc
bliss Ubuntu Precise 0.72-2 None
syncevolution Ubuntu Oneiric None
syncevolution Debian Experimental None
libsynthesis Debian Sid None
libsynthesis Ubuntu Oneiric None
bliss Ubuntu Oneiric 0.71-2 None
geiser Ubuntu Oneiric 0.1.2-3 None
libsynthesis Debian Experimental None
syncevolution Ubuntu Natty 1.1+ds1-5ubuntu1 None
syncevolution Debian Squeeze 1.0+ds1~beta2a-2 None
libsynthesis Ubuntu Natty None
syncevolution Debian Sid 1.1+ds1-5 None
syncevolution Ubuntu Maverick 1.0+ds1~beta2a-1ubuntu1 None
syncevolution Ubuntu Lucid 1.0+ds1~beta2a-1 None
libsynthesis Ubuntu Lucid None
lrslib Ubuntu Lucid 0.42c-1 None
lrslib Debian Squeeze 0.42c-1 None
libsynthesis Debian Squeeze None
libsynthesis Ubuntu Karmic None
syncevolution Ubuntu Karmic 0.9+ds1-2 None
sketch Debian Lenny 1:0.2.89-1 None
bibutils Debian Lenny 3.40-4 None
sketch Ubuntu Intrepid 1:0.2.89-1 None
bibutils Ubuntu Intrepid 3.40-4 armel
175 of 76 results