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HOW A BATTLE IS BORN: 1) For every 4 spaces the player moves on the world map (2 for dangerous tiles), a check is made via the moving_object module's 'encounter_check' method. 2) If an encounter occurs, the game creates a randomized list of monsters which dwell in the area. 3) The game iterates through this random...
- NPC's (non-playable characters) are other characters such as friends, enemies, pets, etc., that the player can interact with on the game map. - Randomly move, or stationary If moved randomly, must decide whether player can walk through them, push them out of the way, or define paths as to never block the player. -...
- monsters should be randomly encountered, checked by rolling dice transparently for every tile the player moves to. - on an encounter, the scene should switch to a battle with a turn-based menu system - amount and type of monsters are specific to a particular area of the game - monsters should have at least the fol...

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