I'm a longtime *nix user/programmer/admin/consultant who had his first
encounter with unixoid OSs in 1980 when taking an OS course studying
Unix Release 6 source code at TU Berlin.

My background and interest always has been Computer Architecture,
although as a freelancer I didn't work much in that field.

Sometime around 1993 I installed my 1st Linux system from 16 Slackware
1.4Mb floppies; after a short rendevous with SuXe (intentional typo)
bad upgrade experiences led me to join Debian. I have been a not
overly active Debian Developer from 1995 to 2004 and am now trying to
reenter the world of OSS.

As you might conclude from my mugshot I still didn't fully arrive, but
I am catching up quickly :)

My current goals are:

- help porting Ubuntu to the mips architecture

- help on revamping pipermail (mailman's underlying archiver),
  before long there will be a pipermail project on lp.

- Finishing old code (https://launchpad.net/~at-ng) to get it ready
  for release.

Moreover I am in the process of reopening my business that I ran
before I got ill.

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The idea is to store SHA256sum taken over whole partitions in a safe place and only mount a lib partition if it passes the verification. This will slow down the boot process considerably because test have shown sha256sum takes ~2' to complete, the limiting factor being USB 2's low transmission rate.
The talk is to be held in German at Ubucon.de (Oct 16-19, 2009 at Göttingen University) URL: http://www.ubucon.de/ (german only)
Give me a week or two to review my old code, add some comments and adopt old ideas to current state of the art.

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