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cairo-dock (3.2.1-0ubuntu0~oneiric) oneiric; urgency=low

  * New Upstream bug-fix Version (3.2.1)
    - Dialogues:
      - Fixed a small bug with the default icon
      - Force to take the focus when the dialogue has a user widget, since some WM prevent focus steal
    - Gnome-Shell: the dash was hidden all the time
    - GUI:
      - Docks list: only list main docks and subdocks and not launchers and applications with subdocks (when there are windows with the same class and if these icons are regrouped into a subdock)
      - Menu and GUI: Move to another dock: if it s a container: Do not add subdocks that are contained in this container (to avoid loop: subdock1->subdock2->subdock1)
      - Simple: Plugins: Help applet was not listed
      - Simple: Config: force to display the config widget (the config panel was empty with some older versions of GTK)
    - Help applet:
      - This applet didn t have any preview icon file
    - Icon:
      - Label: If we don t want to show label, keep info about the font: it can be used by other applets (e.g. Clock)
      - Windows thumbnails: fixed a small bug that made the thumbnail unavailable the first time the window is minimized
    - Init & Themes: deactivate the option Show Windows Thumbnail in the current theme.
      - This option can provoke annoying bugs with other applications the desktop (e.g. Gedit or Nautilus displayed corrupted icons when using a smooth scroll)
      - It seems this bug is due to the video drivers and it s fixed with the latest stable version of these drivers (but which is not available with most distributions)
      - Note: It s still possible to re-enable this option from the config panel
    - Taskbar: Fixed a possible crash in a convoluted scenario (if there are a few untitled windows with the same empty class)
    - X11:
      - Fixed a crash when using Xinerama with multi-monitors
    - Translations: Imported translations files from Launchpad: thanks to all contributors ;)
    - If you like the project, please donate :-)
 -- Matthieu Baerts (matttbe) <email address hidden>   Fri, 12 Apr 2013 22:34:09 +0200

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