Team participation for Canonical Desktop Experience Team

“Canonical Desktop Experience Team” team is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via
Aarti Team 2010-09-01 Member
Anjali Team 2009-09-24 Member
Application Indicator Upstream Applications 2009-12-16 Member
Avantika Team 2009-11-03 Member
Ayatana Discussion 2009-04-06 Member
Cape Girardeau Team 2009-10-15 Member
CluTK Team 2009-08-07 Member
Friends of LibZeitgeist Member LibZeitgeist Developers
Indicator Network Developers 2010-05-19 Member
Launch Lite Team 2009-06-17 Member
LibZeitgeist Developers 2010-06-18 Member
Liblauncher Devel 2009-08-06 Admin
Notify OSD Developers 2009-02-20 Member
The Omsk Team 2010-03-04 Member
Theme Shimmers 2011-05-11 Member
Turkey Pop-up Team 2008-11-10 Admin
UNR Developers 2009-08-25 Member
Ubuntu GeoIP Team 2010-10-21 Admin
Unity Stats Developers 2012-02-07 Member
Wasilla Team 2009-10-12 Member
ayatana-commits 2009-08-19 Member
indicator-sound-developers 2010-06-07 Member
xsplash team 2009-08-07 Member