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Sputnik project PPA
Maintainer: Kamal Mostafa <email address hidden>

ALL FIXES HAVE BEEN INCORPORATED into standard Ubuntu kernels (some are currently pending in the -proposed archive as of 2013-10-01). This PPA delivers the appropriate standard Ubuntu kernels from the -proposed archive for Precise and Quantal, and will be deprecated once those kernels become fully deployed.

The following fixes originally delivered in this PPA have since been integrated into the standard Ubuntu Precise (12.04) and later kernels (and are still present here):

  - LP: #954661 Backlight brightness control issues for Dell XPS 13
    (and possibly other laptops with an Intel graphics processor).

  - LP: #1055231 LCD backlight adjustments do nothing after suspend

  - LP: #978807 Cypress PS/2 Trackpad driver with multi-touch support
    (for Dell XPS 13 and other laptops with this trackpad).

  - LP: #1055778, #1048258, #1064086, #1048816 Cypress PS/2 Trackpad fixes

  - LP: #1103594 enable Cypress PS/2 Trackpad in Dell XPS12

  - LP: #901410 Bluetooth/WiFi control issues for Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 15


The Cypress PS/2 Trackpad driver was merged into the mainline Linux kernel as of v3.9. The Cypress driver includes work by Dudley Du, Kamal Mostafa, and Kyle Fazzari.

The i915 backlight fixes are backported from mainline Linux, including work by Daniel Vetter, Paolo Zanoni, Takashi Iwai, Kamal Mostafa, and others.

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:canonical-hwe-team/sputnik-kernel
sudo apt-get update
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deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/canonical-hwe-team/sputnik-kernel/ubuntu YOUR_UBUNTU_VERSION_HERE main 
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For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Canonical Hardware Enablement.

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Package Version Uploaded by
linux 3.5.0-42.65 Brad Figg (2013-10-03)
linux 3.2.0-55.85 (Newer version available) Luis Henriques (2013-10-03)
linux-meta Brad Figg (2013-10-03)
linux-meta (Newer version available) Steve Conklin (2013-10-03)
rfkill 0.4-1ubuntu3+lp1073669~quantal Kamal Mostafa (2012-10-31)
rfkill 0.4-1ubuntu3+lp1073669~precise Kamal Mostafa (2012-10-31)
16 of 6 results

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  • linux 270 weeks ago
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  • linux 270 weeks ago
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  • linux-meta 270 weeks ago
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