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linux-azure (4.18.0-1021.21~18.04.1) bionic; urgency=medium

  * linux-azure: 4.18.0-1021.21~18.04.1 -proposed tracker (LP: #1832502)

  [ Ubuntu: 4.18.0-1021.21 ]

  * linux-azure: 4.18.0-1021.21 -proposed tracker (LP: #1832503)
  * Enable eBPF JIT in the linux-azure kernels (LP: #1827916)
    - [Config] linux-azure: CONFIG_MLX{4,5}_INFINIBAND=m
  *  Azure: Backport vIOMMU driver (increase vCPU limits) (LP: #1826447)
    - PCI: hv: Replace hv_vp_set with hv_vpset
    - PCI: hv: Refactor hv_irq_unmask() to use cpumask_to_vpset()
    - x86/Hyper-V: Set x2apic destination mode to physical when x2apic is
    - iommu/hyper-v: Add Hyper-V stub IOMMU driver
    - [Config] linux-azure: CONFIG_HYPERV_IOMMU=y
  * [linux-azure] Please Include Mainline Commit ebaf39e6032f  in the 16.04 and
    18.04 linux-azure kernels (LP: #1830266)
    - ipv4: ipv6: netfilter: Adjust the frag mem limit when truesize changes
  * [Packaging] Improve config annotations check on custom kernels
    (LP: #1820075)
    - [Config] linux-azure: Include custom annotations files
  * linux: 4.18.0-23.24 -proposed tracker (LP: #1832508)
  * CVE-2019-11479
    - SAUCE: tcp: add tcp_min_snd_mss sysctl
    - SAUCE: tcp: enforce tcp_min_snd_mss in tcp_mtu_probing()
  * CVE-2019-11884
    - Bluetooth: hidp: fix buffer overflow
  * af_alg06 test from crypto test suite in LTP failed with kernel oops on B/C
    (LP: #1829725)
    - crypto: authenc - fix parsing key with misaligned rta_len
  * Address performance issue w/ GICv4-based guests (LP: #1829942)
    - arm64: KVM: Always set ICH_HCR_EL2.EN if GICv4 is enabled
  * CVE-2018-12126 // CVE-2018-12127 // CVE-2018-12130 // CVE-2019-11091
    - SAUCE: Synchronize MDS mitigations with upstream
    - Documentation: Correct the possible MDS sysfs values
    - x86/speculation/mds: Fix documentation typo
  * CVE-2019-11091
    - x86/mds: Add MDSUM variant to the MDS documentation
  * CVE-2019-11085
    - drm/i915/gvt: Fix mmap range check
  * alignment test in powerpc from ubuntu_kernel_selftests failed on B/C Power9
    (LP: #1813118)
    - selftests/powerpc: Remove Power9 copy_unaligned test
  * TRACE_syscall.ptrace_syscall_dropped in seccomp from ubuntu_kernel_selftests
    failed on B/C PowerPC (LP: #1812796)
    - selftests/seccomp: Enhance per-arch ptrace syscall skip tests
  * Eletrical noise occurred when external headset enter powersaving mode on a
    DEll machine (LP: #1828798)
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Reduce click noise on Dell Precision 5820 headphone
    - ALSA: hda/realtek - Fixup headphone noise via runtime suspend
  * [18.04/18.10] File is missing in linux-tools-common deb on
    Ubuntu (LP: #1761379)
    - [Packaging] Support building
  * TCP : race condition on socket ownership in tcp_close() (LP: #1830813)
    - tcp: do not release socket ownership in tcp_close()
  * ethtool identify command doesn't blink LED on Hi1620 NICs (LP: #1829306)
    - net: phy: marvell: add new default led configure for m88e151x
  * Add support to Comet Lake LPSS (LP: #1830175)
    - mfd: intel-lpss: Add Intel Comet Lake PCI IDs
  * Reduce NAPI weight in hns driver from 256 to 64 (LP: #1830587)
    - net: hns: Use NAPI_POLL_WEIGHT for hns driver

 -- Khalid Elmously <email address hidden>  Wed, 19 Jun 2019 02:04:58 -0400

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