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Container management for Open Rails
Containers are defined as standalone objects, that may either reside on wagons or in a container station. Container cranes move containers from wagons to the container station and vice-versa.
This feature displays the full DPI table using a single control and a single object, analogously to the 2D cab case.
When inserting a line ORTSLabel ( "string" ) within a command cabview control, and when browsing the mouse over such control in a 2D or 3D cab, the label is shown on the display, instead of the generic control type. This feature was developed by Jindrich
As of now side 2Dcab viewpoints are inanimated and don't accept cabview controls. This feature enables the insertion of cabview controls in such side viewpoints.
Fields are optionally added to cabview controls identifying on which display and on which screen pages they appear. A mouse command is available to select which screen page is displayed on which display.

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