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Additional Cruise Control parameters are created and managed, that allow to reproduce Cruise Control features specific for some locomotives. First two parameters created are: UseDynBrake ( True/False ), that defines whether Cruise Control uses dynamic brake or not (as occurring in the Genesis locomotive) TrainBrakeC...
Trainset windows may be animated (i.e. opened and closed) in external views as well as in 2D and 3D cabs, using either the keyboard or the mouse. In a first phase only locomotive windows may be animated. It is foreseen to animate also carriage windows. With window open the external and the track sound are heard unat...
ORTSTrackSoundPassedThroughPercent ( x ) is a parameter for the Wagon() section of the .eng and .wag files, and allows to define the percentage of the retained volume of the internal track sound.
Partial Turntable for Open Rails
Managing of a turntable who can rotate only less than 360 degrees.
The weight of the containers is taken into account, and the weight of the wagon carrying the containers is varied accordingly. Containers may be defined as empty, loaded, or in a random state.

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