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Adds a traction braking cabview control which show the signed value of the force (+ve or -ve) as displayed in many real loco cabs. The new control is ORTS_SIGNED_TRACTION_BRAKING. For comparison, the MSTS-compatible TRACTION_BRAKING cabview control shows the absolute value of the force, be it tractive or due to dyna...
Having a realistic TCS simulated on board increases significantly the interest of simulated train driving. Nowadays in the world there is a wide variety of TCS. OR allows the implementation of specific TCS using scripting. The available features, while being quite powerful, are not complete. The aim is to increase ...
Increasing horn volume level at distance to approach reality. Roadmap:
In-game enable/disable of control confirmation through a toggle keyboard command (Control-Alt-F10). Discussion: Roadmap:
New sound triggers for: - Player-driven lead locomotive - Player-driven helper locomotive - AI-driven lead locomotive - AI-driven helper locomotive - AI-driven train approaching station - AI-driven train leaving station This will enable better sound effects for AI-driven trains, which currently share all sound trig...

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