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Road car camera for Open Rails
Integrated in the level crossing and platform camera also a roadcar camera is made available. It hooks itself to a spawned car near to the train. The speed of the spawned car may be increased and decreased by the player using the Zoom in (9(NumPad)) and Zoom out (3(NumPad)) commands.
The Ctrl-Alt-F10 key combination toggles on/off the control confirmations on the display.
With commands Shift-Alt-7(Numpad) and Shift-Alt-1(Numpad) cameras 2 or 3 move gently forward or backward along a stopped or moving train. By pressing a second time the key sequence the motion stops. The usual commands for cameras 2 and 3 remain all available. The new commands are integrated with the already availabl...
Location events within activities may be triggered also by AI trains, allowing e.g. to start location related sounds as station announcements, or to sync start of another train waiting at a signal. Within the pack is also the addition of a new type of event-driven sound (sound located at certain position - e.g. sta...
A trainspotter camera which differs from the standard one when train near station platform and level crossing: in these cases the camera locates itself at man’s eye height at station platform and in front of level crossing. When no station platform or level crossing are nearby, the camera behaves like the standard t...

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