Interests include the latest Ubuntu development branch and open source development for AMD APU + GPU. Goals include extension of math and science librarys to parallel computing for computational science using Scilab, Sage, Octave, Maxima, RubySci, etc.

I have been an "on-and-off" user of Ubuntu since about version 9 with many accomplished installations on a wide variety of machines. When Ubuntu Raring 13.04 was announced I jumped in early in the alpha stage. I have worked many issues on this machine: r8168 driver for network chip, AMD Radeon drivers, AMD OpenCL, etc. I have also found myself exploring just about every application IDE. The math and science applications like those that I listed as part of my "goals" are especially intriguing to me. For example, I have the GNU Scientific Library Reference Manual and I have used Scilab with CGAL a fair amount. I hope to contribute by bringing the open source math, science, and geometry libraries to other open source applications with an emphasis on parallel programming on the AMD APU+GPU platform.

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