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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
bluez-btsco Ubuntu Disco 1:0.50-0ubuntu7 2019-01-07 None
bluez-btsco Ubuntu Wily 1:0.50-0ubuntu6 2015-10-05 None
bluez-btsco Ubuntu Quantal 1:0.50-0ubuntu4 2012-09-27 None
bluez-btsco Ubuntu Intrepid 1:0.50-0ubuntu3 2008-10-08 None
bluez-btsco Ubuntu Feisty 1:0.50-0ubuntu2 2007-03-23 None
bluez-utils Ubuntu Breezy 2.20-0ubuntu3.1 2007-01-24 None
bluez-btsco Ubuntu Edgy 1:0.42-0ubuntu1 2006-10-18 None
bluez-utils Ubuntu Dapper 2.24-0ubuntu6 2006-03-20 None
kdescreensaver-aasaver Ubuntu Dapper 0.3.2-2 2006-02-22 lpia
dekorator Ubuntu Dapper 0.2fix1-1 2006-02-20 None

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gnome-bluetooth Ubuntu Dapper 0.7.0-0ubuntu3 2006-05-04 None