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Light­weight and mod­u­lar C++11/C++14 graph­ics mid­dle­ware for games and da­ta vi­su­al­iza­tion.

Look­ing for an open-source li­brary that gives you graph­ics ab­strac­tion and plat­form in­de­pen­dence on ma­jor desk­top, mo­bile and web plat­forms? Do you want it to have all the con­ve­nience util­i­ties around yet stay small, pow­er­ful and not give up on flex­i­bil­i­ty? Here it is. And it’s free to use, even for com­mer­cial pur­pos­es.

For bugs with the API itself, please file issues with the upstream developer on github: - note there are separate repositories for magnum, corrade, plugins, etc - please file bugs in the appropriate project.

For bugs with the packages (dependency issues, etc), please file bugs here in Launchpad.

This PPA will try to follow the LTS support schedule as much as possible.

Ubuntu 14.04 Notes
 * WITH_TINYGLTFIMPORTER is disabled as it requires a modern C++14

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For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Matjam.

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Package Version Uploaded by
corrade 2018.04-1ppa6~ubuntu14.04 Matjam (2018-05-28)
corrade 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu18.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
corrade 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu16.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum 2018.04-1ppa6~ubuntu14.04 Matjam (2018-05-28)
magnum 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu18.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu16.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum-examples 2018.04-1ppa6~ubuntu14.04 Matjam (2018-05-28)
magnum-examples 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu18.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum-examples 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu16.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum-extras 2018.04-1ppa6~ubuntu14.04 Matjam (2018-05-28)
magnum-extras 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu18.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum-extras 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu16.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum-integration 2018.04-1ppa6~ubuntu14.04 Matjam (2018-05-28)
magnum-integration 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu18.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum-integration 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu16.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum-plugins 2018.04-1ppa6~ubuntu14.04 Matjam (2018-05-28)
magnum-plugins 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu18.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
magnum-plugins 2018.04-1ppa5~ubuntu16.04 Matjam (2018-05-27)
118 of 18 results

Latest updates

  • magnum-examples 38 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • corrade 38 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • magnum-plugins 38 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • magnum-integration 38 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • magnum-extras 38 weeks ago
    Successfully built