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Extend JSON Reader for Open Rails
Add methods for reading Booleans and Vector3s
Timetables contain multiple AI trains, any one of which can be pre-selected as the Player's Train. The time between the first train of the timetable and the Player's Train is the "pre-run" which is skipped through at speed. During the pre-run, the progress bar sticks (about 20% in) and this can be a very long time...
Provide fully-functional 64bit version of Open Rails. Ideally by using .NET AnyCPU so that the same executable works on 32bit and 64bit. Discussion: Roadmap:
Ctrl+9 currently launches the Dispatch Window but it is not immediately visible. Instead it is minimised so that viewing it requires a Alt+Shift+Tab key combination. The proposed change will open the Dispatch Window in the foreground when Ctrl+9 is pressed. Discussion:
Allow players to define and switch between sets of cameras with the objective of providing for more than 8 camera positions. Discussion: Roadmap:

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