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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
xmonad-contrib Ubuntu Wily 0.11.3-3build1 8 hours ago None
haskell-chunked-data Ubuntu Wily 8 hours ago None
gitit Ubuntu Wily 0.10.7-2build1 8 hours ago None
haskell-yesod-static Ubuntu Wily 18 hours ago None
haskell-wai-app-file-cgi Ubuntu Wily 3.0.7-1build1 19 hours ago None
haskell-pandoc-citeproc Ubuntu Wily 19 hours ago None
haskell-mono-traversable Ubuntu Wily 19 hours ago None
haskell-diagrams-gtk Ubuntu Wily 19 hours ago None
haskell-authenticate Ubuntu Wily 19 hours ago None
pandoc Ubuntu Wily 23 hours ago None
haskell-yesod-test Ubuntu Wily 23 hours ago None
haskell-diagrams-svg Ubuntu Wily 23 hours ago None
haskell-diagrams-cairo Ubuntu Wily 23 hours ago None
yi Ubuntu Wily 0.12.0-1build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-yesod-form Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-http-client-tls Ubuntu Wily 0.2.2-6build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-hopenpgp Ubuntu Wily 2.0-1build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-diagrams-lib Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-yi-language Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-yesod-newsfeed Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-yesod-default Ubuntu Wily 1.2.0-4build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-vty Ubuntu Wily 5.2.8-3build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-pipes-bytestring Ubuntu Wily 2.1.1-2build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-errors Ubuntu Wily 1.4.7-3build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-diagrams-core Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-debian Ubuntu Wily 3.87.2-1build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-algebra Ubuntu Wily 4.2-2build1 2015-07-05 None
haskell-pipes-group Ubuntu Wily 1.0.2-2build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-esqueleto Ubuntu Wily 2.1.3-1build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-either Ubuntu Wily 4.4.1-1build1 2015-07-05 None
haskell-adjunctions Ubuntu Wily 4.2.1-1build1 2015-07-05 None
haskell-x509-system Ubuntu Wily 1.5.0-3build1 2015-07-05 None
haskell-wl-pprint-terminfo Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-tasty-rerun Ubuntu Wily 1.1.3-2build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-osm Ubuntu Wily 0.6.4-4build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-nonce Ubuntu Wily 1.0.1-2build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-hoogle Ubuntu Wily 4.2.41-1build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-free Ubuntu Wily 4.11-2build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-foldl Ubuntu Wily 1.1.0-1build1 2015-07-05 None
haskell-dual-tree Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-data-lens-template Ubuntu Wily 2.1.8-4build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-crypto-conduit Ubuntu Wily 0.5.5-3build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-clientsession Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-authenticate-oauth Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-cryptocipher Ubuntu Wily 0.6.2-3build2 2015-07-05 None
hoauth Ubuntu Wily 0.3.5-3build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-xml2html Ubuntu Wily 0.2.0-6build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-x509-store Ubuntu Wily 1.5.0-3build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-wai-handler-fastcgi Ubuntu Wily 3.0.0-4build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-tagstream-conduit Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-profunctors Ubuntu Wily 4.4.1-2build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-monoid-extras Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-http-client Ubuntu Wily 0.4.13-1build1 2015-07-05 None
haskell-data-lens Ubuntu Wily 2.10.6-1build1 2015-07-05 None
haskell-bifunctors Ubuntu Wily 4.2.1-2build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-active Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-rsa Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-publicsuffixlist Ubuntu Wily 0.1-5build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-nettle Ubuntu Wily 0.1.1-1build1 2015-07-05 None
haskell-monad-logger Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-05 None
haskell-dns Ubuntu Wily 1.3.0-4build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-csv-conduit Ubuntu Wily 0.6.6-3build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-cryptohash-conduit Ubuntu Wily 0.1.1-4build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-crypto-pubkey-openssh Ubuntu Wily 0.2.7-3build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-crypto-pubkey Ubuntu Wily 0.2.8-3build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-cipher-rc4 Ubuntu Wily 0.1.4-3build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-cipher-des Ubuntu Wily 0.0.6-3build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-cipher-camellia Ubuntu Wily 0.0.2-3build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-cipher-blowfish Ubuntu Wily 0.0.3-3build3 2015-07-05 None
haskell-certificate Ubuntu Wily 1.3.9-4build2 2015-07-05 None
haskell-web-routes-th Ubuntu Wily 0.22.1-4build2 2015-07-04 None
haskell-web-routes-hsp Ubuntu Wily 0.24.5-3build2 2015-07-04 None
haskell-web-routes-boomerang Ubuntu Wily 0.28.3-3build2 2015-07-04 None
haskell-wai-websockets Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-04 None
haskell-wai-conduit Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-04 None
175 of 8666 results