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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
haskell-classy-prelude-yesod Ubuntu Wily 0.11.1-1build1 2015-07-28 None
haskell-project-template Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-28 None
haskell-gitlib Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-28 None
haskell-conduit-combinators Ubuntu Wily 0.3.1-1build1 2015-07-28 None
taffybar Ubuntu Wily 0.4.5-1build2 2015-07-24 None
haskell-yesod-auth-oauth Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-24 None
haskell-yesod-auth-hashdb Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-24 None
haskell-yesod Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-24 None
haskell-happstack-authenticate Ubuntu Wily 2.1.4-1build1 2015-07-24 None
haskell-hakyll Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-24 None
haskell-diagrams-gtk Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-24 None
haskell-blogliterately Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-24 None
haskell-yesod-static Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-yesod-markdown Ubuntu Wily 0.9.4-1build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-wai-app-file-cgi Ubuntu Wily 3.0.7-1build2 2015-07-23 None
haskell-snaplet-acid-state Ubuntu Wily 0.2.7-1build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-pandoc-citeproc Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-musicbrainz Ubuntu Wily 0.2.4-2build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-mime-mail-ses Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-hoauth2 Ubuntu Wily 0.4.8-1build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-github Ubuntu Wily 0.13.2-2build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-fb Ubuntu Wily 1.0.11-1build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-aws Ubuntu Wily 0.11.4-1build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-authenticate Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
pandoc Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-snap Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-hopenpgp Ubuntu Wily 2.0-1build4 2015-07-23 None
haskell-ekg Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-snap-server Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-snap-loader-dynamic Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-texmath Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-incremental-parser Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-criterion Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 ppc64el powerpc armhf arm64
haskell-citeproc-hs Ubuntu Wily 0.3.10-2build3 2015-07-23 None
yi Ubuntu Wily 0.12.0-1build3 2015-07-23 None
haskell-yesod-test Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-pipes-aeson Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-jwt Ubuntu Wily 0.6.0-1build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-http-conduit Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-23 None
haskell-dav Ubuntu Wily 1.0.7-1build1 2015-07-23 None
haskell-yi-language Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-yesod-form Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-pipes-bytestring Ubuntu Wily 2.1.1-2build3 2015-07-22 None
haskell-network-conduit-tls Ubuntu Wily 1.1.2-1build1 2015-07-22 None
haskell-http-client-tls Ubuntu Wily 0.2.2-6build3 2015-07-22 None
haskell-debian Ubuntu Wily 3.87.2-1build3 2015-07-22 None
python-debian Ubuntu Wily 0.1.27ubuntu1 2015-07-22 None
apt Ubuntu Precise 0.8.16~exp12ubuntu10.25 2015-07-22 None
haskell-yesod-persistent Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-yesod-newsfeed Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-yesod-default Ubuntu Wily 1.2.0-4build4 2015-07-22 None
haskell-warp-tls Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-pipes-group Ubuntu Wily 1.0.2-2build3 2015-07-22 None
haskell-esqueleto Ubuntu Wily 2.1.3-1build4 2015-07-22 None
haskell-connection Ubuntu Wily 0.2.4-1build1 2015-07-22 None
haskell-wai-app-static Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-tls Ubuntu Wily 1.2.18-1build1 2015-07-22 None
haskell-persistent-template Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-persistent-sqlite Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-persistent-postgresql Ubuntu Wily 2.1.6-1build1 2015-07-22 None
haskell-http-reverse-proxy Ubuntu Wily 0.4.2-1build1 2015-07-22 None
haskell-html-conduit Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-hoogle Ubuntu Wily 4.2.41-1build3 2015-07-22 None
haskell-authenticate-oauth Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-22 None
haskell-xml2html Ubuntu Wily 0.2.0-6build4 2015-07-21 None
haskell-xml-hamlet Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-21 None
haskell-x509-validation Ubuntu Wily 1.5.2-1build1 2015-07-21 None
haskell-warp Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-21 None
haskell-wai-handler-fastcgi Ubuntu Wily 3.0.0-4build3 2015-07-21 None
haskell-tagstream-conduit Ubuntu Wily 2015-07-21 None
haskell-persistent Ubuntu Wily 2.1.6-1build1 2015-07-21 None
haskell-http-client Ubuntu Wily 0.4.16-1build1 2015-07-21 None
haskell-crypto-conduit Ubuntu Wily 0.5.5-3build4 2015-07-21 None
haskell-xml-conduit Ubuntu Wily 1.2.6-1build1 2015-07-21 None
haskell-simple-sendfile Ubuntu Wily 0.2.21-1build1 2015-07-21 None
175 of 8690 results