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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
installation-locale Ubuntu Bionic 1.7build1 2018-04-17 None
xpra Ubuntu Bionic 2.1.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1 2018-04-04 None
gnuplot Ubuntu Bionic 5.2.2+dfsg1-2ubuntu1 2018-04-03 None
serf Ubuntu Bionic 1.3.9-4ubuntu1 2018-03-20 None
shadowsocks-libev Ubuntu Bionic 3.1.3+ds-1ubuntu1 2018-02-01 None
fastd Ubuntu Bionic 18-2ubuntu1 2018-02-01 None
pysodium Ubuntu Bionic 0.6.14-1ubuntu2 2018-01-31 None
zeromq3 Ubuntu Bionic 4.2.3-1build1 2018-01-01 None
usbguard Ubuntu Bionic 0.7.0+ds1-2build1 2018-01-01 None
quicktun Ubuntu Bionic 2.2.6-2build1 2018-01-01 None
python-nacl Ubuntu Bionic 1.1.2-1build1 2018-01-01 None
php-libsodium Ubuntu Bionic 1.0.6-1build2 2018-01-01 None
pdns Ubuntu Bionic 4.1.0-1build1 2018-01-01 None
forked-daapd Ubuntu Bionic 25.0-2build2 2018-01-01 None
dnsdist Ubuntu Bionic 1.2.0-1build1 2018-01-01 None
dnscrypt-proxy Ubuntu Bionic 1.9.5-1build1 2018-01-01 None
curvedns Ubuntu Bionic 0.87-4build1 2018-01-01 None
python-pylxd Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.5-0ubuntu1.2 2017-12-05 None
libsyntax-highlight-engine-kate-perl Ubuntu Bionic 0.12+dfsg-1ubuntu1 2017-11-22 None
dropbear Ubuntu Bionic 2017.75-3build1 2017-11-21 None
ubiquity Ubuntu Artful 17.10.2 2017-07-25 None
tome Ubuntu Zesty 2.4~0.git.2015.12.29-1.1ubuntu2 2017-04-11 None
ubiquity Ubuntu Zesty 17.04.2 2017-01-07 None
xwax Ubuntu Zesty 1.6-2fakesync1 2016-11-06 None
sqlite Ubuntu Zesty 2.8.17-13fakesync1 2016-11-06 None
splix Ubuntu Zesty 2.0.0+svn315-6fakesync1 2016-11-06 None
qjoypad Ubuntu Zesty 4.1.0-2fakesync1 2016-11-06 None
exifprobe Ubuntu Zesty 2.0.1-10fakesync1 2016-11-06 None
haskell-th-reify-compat Ubuntu Zesty 2016-11-01 None
jreen Ubuntu Yakkety 1.2.0-2fakesync1 2016-10-09 None
grub Ubuntu Yakkety 0.97-29ubuntu69 2016-10-09 None
bzr Ubuntu Xenial 2.7.0-2ubuntu3 2016-09-30 None
kboot-installer Ubuntu Yakkety 0.0.1ubuntu10 2016-09-22 None
click-ubuntu-policy Ubuntu Yakkety 0.2 2016-08-11 None
haskell-retry Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-08-09 None
haskell-pipes-safe Ubuntu Yakkety 2.2.4-1build1 2016-08-09 None
haskell-hspec-contrib Ubuntu Yakkety 0.3.0-2build3 2016-08-09 None
haskell-hint Ubuntu Yakkety 0.5.2-1build1 2016-08-09 None
haskell-ghc-mtl Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-08-09 None
haskell-concurrent-output Ubuntu Yakkety 1.7.6-1build1 2016-08-09 None
haskell-cgi Ubuntu Yakkety 3001.3.0.1-1build1 2016-08-09 None
haskell-blaze-svg Ubuntu Yakkety 0.3.6-1build1 2016-08-09 None
haskell-file-location Ubuntu Yakkety 0.4.9-3build3 2016-08-08 None
haskell-gluraw Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-08-08 None
haskell-gd Ubuntu Yakkety 3000.7.3-8build1 2016-08-08 None
haskell-mutable-containers Ubuntu Yakkety 0.3.3-1build1 2016-07-17 None
haskell-persistent-sqlite Ubuntu Yakkety 2.2.1-1build1 2016-07-16 None
haskell-persistent-postgresql Ubuntu Yakkety 2.2.2-1build1 2016-07-16 None
haskell-lambdabot-core Ubuntu Yakkety 5.0.3-4build3 2016-07-16 None
haskell-dice Ubuntu Yakkety 0.1-2build4 2016-07-16 None
haskell-yesod-newsfeed Ubuntu Yakkety 1.6-1build1 2016-07-16 None
haskell-yesod-default Ubuntu Yakkety 1.2.0-6build5 2016-07-16 None
haskell-pipes-bytestring Ubuntu Yakkety 2.1.3-1build1 2016-07-16 None
haskell-optparse-simple Ubuntu Yakkety 0.0.3-3build3 2016-07-16 None
haskell-monad-journal Ubuntu Yakkety 0.7.2-1build1 2016-07-16 None
haskell-debian Ubuntu Yakkety 3.89-1build3 2016-07-16 None
haskell-web-routes-th Ubuntu Yakkety 0.22.5-1build1 2016-07-16 None
haskell-web-routes-hsp Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-07-16 None
haskell-web-routes-happstack Ubuntu Yakkety 0.23.10-1build3 2016-07-16 None
haskell-web-routes-boomerang Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-07-16 None
haskell-wai-conduit Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-07-16 None
haskell-rsa Ubuntu Yakkety 2.2.0-1build3 2016-07-16 None
haskell-publicsuffixlist Ubuntu Yakkety 0.1-7build3 2016-07-16 None
haskell-project-template Ubuntu Yakkety 0.2.0-2build3 2016-07-16 None
haskell-monad-logger Ubuntu Yakkety 0.3.19-1build1 2016-07-16 None
haskell-haxr Ubuntu Yakkety 3000.11.1.6-1build1 2016-07-16 None
haskell-cryptohash-conduit Ubuntu Yakkety 0.1.1-6build4 2016-07-16 None
haskell-crypto-pubkey Ubuntu Yakkety 0.2.8-5build4 2016-07-16 None
haskell-web-routes Ubuntu Yakkety 0.27.10-2build2 2016-07-15 None
haskell-wai Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-07-15 None
haskell-texmath Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-07-15 None
haskell-path-io Ubuntu Yakkety 1.1.0-1build1 2016-07-15 None
haskell-lrucache Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-07-15 None
haskell-hsx-jmacro Ubuntu Yakkety 7.3.8-1build1 2016-07-15 None
haskell-happstack-jmacro Ubuntu Yakkety 7.0.11-1build3 2016-07-15 None
175 of 10302 results