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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
ffmpeg Ubuntu Yakkety 7:3.0.1-3ubuntu1 4 minutes ago None
haskell-yesod-form Ubuntu Yakkety 1.4.6-1build1 52 minutes ago None
haskell-snap Ubuntu Yakkety 53 minutes ago None
haskell-hopenpgp Ubuntu Yakkety 2.4.4-1build1 53 minutes ago None
haskell-yesod-static Ubuntu Yakkety 3 hours ago None
haskell-yesod-persistent Ubuntu Yakkety 3 hours ago None
haskell-yesod-newsfeed Ubuntu Yakkety 1.5-1build1 3 hours ago None
haskell-yesod-default Ubuntu Yakkety 1.2.0-6build2 3 hours ago None
haskell-lambdabot-social-plugins Ubuntu Yakkety 5.0.1-3build2 3 hours ago None
haskell-lambdabot-reference-plugins Ubuntu Yakkety 5.0.3-3build2 3 hours ago None
haskell-lambdabot-novelty-plugins Ubuntu Yakkety 5.0.3-3build2 3 hours ago None
haskell-lambdabot-misc-plugins Ubuntu Yakkety 5.0.1-3build2 3 hours ago None
haskell-lambdabot-irc-plugins Ubuntu Yakkety 5.0.3-3build2 3 hours ago None
dh-haskell Ubuntu Yakkety 0.1ubuntu1 4 hours ago None
haskell-yesod-core Ubuntu Yakkety 5 hours ago None
haskell-wai-websockets Ubuntu Yakkety 5 hours ago None
haskell-esqueleto Ubuntu Yakkety 2.4.1-2build2 5 hours ago None
haskell-wai-handler-launch Ubuntu Yakkety 14 hours ago None
haskell-wai-app-static Ubuntu Yakkety 14 hours ago None
haskell-persistent-template Ubuntu Yakkety 2.1.5-1build1 14 hours ago None
haskell-persistent-sqlite Ubuntu Yakkety 2.2-2build2 14 hours ago None
haskell-persistent-postgresql Ubuntu Yakkety 14 hours ago None
haskell-hoogle Ubuntu Yakkety 4.2.43-3build1 14 hours ago None
haskell-clientsession Ubuntu Yakkety 14 hours ago None
haskell-gtk-traymanager Ubuntu Yakkety 0.1.6-1build1 22 hours ago None
haskell-simple Ubuntu Yakkety 0.11.1-1build1 23 hours ago None
haskell-persistent Ubuntu Yakkety 2.2.4-1build2 23 hours ago None
haskell-wai-extra Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-04-28 None
haskell-http-reverse-proxy Ubuntu Yakkety 0.4.3-1build2 2016-04-28 None
haskell-gtk3 Ubuntu Yakkety 0.14.2-2build1 2016-04-28 None
haskell-gtk Ubuntu Yakkety 0.14.2-2build1 2016-04-28 None
haskell-gloss Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-04-28 None
haskell-wai-logger Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-04-28 None
haskell-wai-conduit Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-04-28 None
haskell-pango Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-04-28 None
haskell-gio Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-04-28 None
haskell-network-protocol-xmpp Ubuntu Yakkety 0.4.8-3build1 2016-04-28 None
haskell-gloss-rendering Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-04-28 None
haskell-dependent-sum-template Ubuntu Yakkety 2016-04-28 None
p10cfgd Ubuntu Yakkety 1.0-16ubuntu1 2016-04-28 None
openssh Ubuntu Xenial 1:7.2p2-4ubuntu1 2016-04-28 None
libaxiom-java Ubuntu Yakkety 1.2.8-2fakesync1 2016-04-27 None
exifprobe Ubuntu Yakkety 2.0.1-9fakesync1 2016-04-27 None
biomaj Ubuntu Xenial 1.2.3-6build1 2016-04-21 None
ipig Ubuntu Xenial 0.0.r5-2build1 2016-04-21 None
debian-installer Ubuntu Xenial 20101020ubuntu451 2016-04-20 None
mythexport Ubuntu Xenial 2.2.4-0ubuntu5 2016-04-20 None
ubiquity Ubuntu Xenial 2.21.62 2016-04-20 None
haskell-bindings-sane Ubuntu Xenial 0.0.1-7ubuntu1 2016-04-20 None
lazr.restfulclient Ubuntu Xenial 0.13.4-5ubuntu1 2016-04-19 None
ndisc6 Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.1-1ubuntu2 2016-04-15 None
open-iscsi Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.873+git0.3b4b4500-14ubuntu3 2016-04-15 None
espeakup Ubuntu Xenial 1:0.71-26ubuntu1 2016-04-15 None
gfxboot-theme-ubuntu Ubuntu Xenial 0.20.1 2016-04-15 None
gmp-gcc4 Ubuntu Xenial 2:6.1.0+dfsg-2ubuntu5 2016-04-07 None
sbuild Ubuntu Xenial 0.67.0-2ubuntu6 2016-04-07 None
foo2zjs Ubuntu Xenial 20151024dfsg0-1ubuntu1 2016-04-07 None
apt-cacher-ng Ubuntu Xenial 0.8.9-1ubuntu1 2016-04-05 None
edubuntu-meta Ubuntu Xenial 15.12.4 2016-04-04 None
pgcli Ubuntu Xenial 0.20.1-3build1 2016-04-01 None
debmirror Ubuntu Xenial 1:2.25ubuntu1 2016-03-29 None
mate-tweak Ubuntu Xenial 3.5.8-1build1 2016-03-23 None
mate-settings-daemon Ubuntu Xenial 1.12.1-2build1 2016-03-23 None
mate-dock-applet Ubuntu Xenial 0.70-1build1 2016-03-23 None
devscripts Ubuntu Xenial 2.16.2ubuntu2 2016-03-22 None
livecd-rootfs Ubuntu Xenial 2.389 2016-03-16 None
apt Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.1ubuntu2.12 2016-03-06 None
haskell-hakyll Ubuntu Xenial 2016-02-23 None
gitit Ubuntu Xenial 2016-02-23 None
less Ubuntu Xenial 481-2ubuntu1 2016-02-23 None
pandoc Ubuntu Xenial 2016-02-18 None
haskell-texmath Ubuntu Xenial 2016-02-18 None
python-snuggs Ubuntu Xenial 1.3.1-1ubuntu4 2016-02-12 None
python-softlayer Ubuntu Xenial 4.1.1-2ubuntu2 2016-02-12 None
python-pgspecial Ubuntu Xenial 1.2.0+20151123-1ubuntu2 2016-02-12 None
175 of 9822 results