Team participation for Cody Garver

Cody Garver is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Absolem Team 2011-04-16 Owner
Audience Members 2011-12-13 Owner
BeatBox Team Member elementary Apps team
Contractor Developers Member elementary Pantheon team
Developers of Friends Member elementary Apps team
Elementary Simple Scan Maintainers Member elementary Apps team
Euclide Developers Member elementary Apps team
Feedler Hackers 2013-05-13 Member
Gala developers Member elementary Pantheon team
Maya Development Team 2011-09-21 Member
Minecraft Installer Peeps 2013-04-03 Member
Pantheon for Debian project maintainers 2015-06-08 Admin
Photos Devs Member elementary Apps team
Remote Devs 2013-04-09 Member
Strip Developers 2011-10-09 Member
WingPanel Devs Member elementary Pantheon team
elementary Application Drivers Member elementary Apps team
elementary Apps team 2011-10-09 Member
elementary Developer Community 2011-12-03 Member Subscribed
elementary Management Board 2012-03-23 Member
elementary OS Project Drivers Member elementary Management Board
elementary Pantheon Drivers Member elementary Pantheon team
elementary Pantheon team 2012-03-26 Member
elementary Systems Administrator Community 2012-12-08 Member Subscribed
elementary UX 2012-08-06 Member
tap-designers 2011-11-01 Member