Did my training on a 32k 4.0 ROM Commodore PET, we shared the programs we wrote with a smile even when they represented weeks of machine code madness. Ah the good old days whatever happened to that great ethos "From each as they aspire to each as they desire" or something like that.

Eh hold on, the malevolent microsoft machine seems to be loosing it's grip, I can see the sun again, it's stopped raining accountants and shareholders.

Linux, mmm a bit beyond my skill set right now, after years of being tethered to the windows nipple, I'm gonna have to learn how to chew again.

And what a feast you are.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

I here do promise, to one day, be able to answer some newbies question and not destroy their computer through an overabundance of ignorance.

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