I really like the way ubuntu separates answers from bugs. (waay back at Convex, the answers work-alike was PRTS, problem reporting and tracking system, for customer problems. A customer problem is a problem whether there's a bug in the software or not.)

I upgraded my home office desktop to 10.4 and did a 64bit install:

Spring cleaning my desktop with Ubuntu 10.4 lucid amd64

For the first time in over a decade, my day job is at an office away from my home.
The enterprise mostly uses Windows and GroupWise, but I'm here to do software development,
so I installed Ubuntu. There's a little friction, but it's mostly OK so far. (June 2010)

Papercuts that I should file as bugs:
* I grabbed a .xls file with firefox; I wanted to open it in gnumeric rather than OpenOffice calc, but gnumeric
wasn't installed. So I installed gnumeric and did it again. gnumeric still didn't show up in the "What should firefox do..." options.
* in evolution, copied a contact from GroupWise to google... lost Title Tuesday 27 July 2010

see also
 * Mad Mode blog http://www.madmode.com/
 * midwest web sense consulting outfit http://www.midwestwebsense.com/dckc.html
 * (retired) W3C homepage http://www.w3.org/People/Connolly/

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