Team participation for James E. Blair

James E. Blair is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Burrow Bug Team Member OpenStack Administrators
Burrow Drivers Member OpenStack Administrators
Ceilometer Core security contacts 2012-11-14 Admin
Devstack core developers 2011-11-16 Admin
Gantt Drivers 2014-02-07 Admin
Gear Bug Team 2013-07-30 Admin
Git-Review bug supervisors 2012-12-21 Admin
Hacking Bugs 2013-05-29 Admin
Hacking Drivers 2013-06-03 Admin
Heat Bugs Member Heat Drivers
Heat Drivers 2013-05-14 Member
Heat Translator Drivers Member Heat Drivers
In August Productions 2012-01-16 Admin
Netstack-admins 2011-09-16 Member
Neutron Developers Member Netstack-admins
OpenStack Administrators 2011-07-05 Owner
OpenStack CI Core 2011-11-02 Member
OpenStack Continuous Integration Administrators 2011-06-29 Admin
OpenStack Continuous Integration team 2011-06-29 Admin
OpenStack Contributors 2011-12-20 Admin
OpenStack Deployment Core Developers 2011-08-31 Admin
OpenStack Infrastructure Bugs 2013-06-05 Admin
OpenStack QA Team 2011-10-12 Member Subscribed
OpenStack ReviewDay Member OpenStack CI Core
OpenStack Team Member OpenStack Continuous Integration team
OpenStack Testing 2011-07-12 Member Subscribed
Python Jenkins Developers 2013-04-22 Member Not subscribed
Python OpenStack Client 2012-04-28 Admin
Python OpenStack Client Bugs 2012-04-28 Admin
Quoins Team 2008-02-29 Owner
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance 2011-11-01 Member
cursive-bugs Member OpenStack Administrators
cursive-drivers Member OpenStack Administrators
devstack Member Devstack core developers
networking-icc-bugs Member OpenStack Administrators
networking-icc-drivers Member OpenStack Administrators
nova-mksproxy-drivers Member OpenStack Administrators
puppet-openstack Member OpenStack Administrators
tricircle-bugs Member OpenStack Administrators
tricircle-drivers Member OpenStack Administrators