Well, I touched OSS/FS world form 1998.
At that time I just want a free OS that could help me away form the BSOD hell while I met it so often.
As a colledge student, I don't have much money, but I did have passion to try something, as young it was.
First I brought a Red-Hat 5.0 copy book with CD-Roms.I install it, try to type some command, like linuxconf, ls ,...so on.
My mouse didn't move.It cost me about NTD 800 to brought another L*Tech mouse.
Time goes by, taiwan have a CLE(Chinese Linux Extension) team they work for tasks could handle Chinese presentation and using.
I just downloaded yami (cle 0.8 codename) and gaga(cle 0.9.1? codename) to find out maybe linux is ready for my daily works.

Then cle's works almost accepted and intergrated by many main distros, therefore I joined into a volunteer translation job to translate Mandrake(now aka Mandriva)'s user guile, operation handbook, and administror howtos(version 7.1~7.2).

I also maintained some .po files of KDE at the mean time.

(to be continued....)

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