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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
libpam-ldap Debian Sid 184-8.7 None
uucp Debian Sid 1.07-20.1 None
uucp Ubuntu Quantal 1.07-20build2 None
libnss-ldap Debian Sid 264-2.5 None
sendmail Debian Sid 8.14.4-2.1 None
sendmail Ubuntu Oneiric 8.14.4-2ubuntu2 None
batv-milter Ubuntu Oneiric 0.4.0.dfsg-2build1 None
sendmail Ubuntu Natty 8.14.4-2ubuntu1 None
sendmail Debian Lenny 8.14.3-5+lenny1 None
uucp Ubuntu Lucid 1.07-20build1 None