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mountall (2.28ubuntu1-eventdriven) oneiric; urgency=low

  * Added com.ubuntu.Mountall.server interface. Implemented the mntctl command
    with 4 commands: 1. StopTimer 2. RestartTimer 3. ChangeMountDevice 4.
  * Fixed the coding style bugs in the "timeout" option related code. Also
    removed a break from the is_device_ready () to get the "device-not-ready"
    event for all the devices which are marked with the timeout option and
    which are not ready by the time the timer expires.
  * Added debian/initramfs/ to install mountall.initramfs-hook as
    an initramfs hook that installs mntctl, mountall and other files needed by
    an event driven initramfs. Also added
    debian/initramfs/upstart-jobs/ to install the upstart-jobs
    related to mountall in the event driven initramfs. The current
    mountall.conf execute as an upstart job in place of the "local" script in
    the non-event driven initramfs
 -- Surbhi Palande <email address hidden>   Thu, 14 Jul 2011 12:42:25 +0300

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