Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
luola-nostalgy Debian Sid 1.2-4.1 None
luola-levels Debian Sid 6.0-6.1 None
madbomber Debian Sid 0.2.5-8.1 None
circuslinux Debian Sid 1.0.3-34.1 None
bumprace Debian Sid 1.5.7-1.1 None
luola Debian Sid 1.3.2-13 None
ftpgrab Ubuntu Focal 0.1.5-6build1 None
moon-buggy Debian Sid 1:1.0.51-13 None
vectoroids Debian Sid 1.1.0-15 None
amiga-fdisk Ubuntu Disco 0.04-15build2 None
hp2xx Debian Sid 3.4.4-11 None
gemdropx Debian Sid 0.9-8 None
defendguin Debian Sid 0.0.12-7 None
bugsquish Debian Sid 0.0.6-9 None
ftpgrab Debian Sid 0.1.5-6 None
hodie Debian Sid 1.5.0-1 None
amiga-fdisk Ubuntu Yakkety 0.04-15build1 None
hp2xx Ubuntu Yakkety 3.4.4-10.1build1 None
gle-graphics Ubuntu Yakkety 4.2.5-1build2 armhf
moon-buggy Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.51-10build1 None
gle-graphics Ubuntu Xenial 4.2.5-1build1 armhf
hp2xx Debian Wheezy 3.4.4-8+deb7u1 None
gle-graphics Debian Sid 4.2.5-1 armhf armhf
amiga-fdisk Debian Sid 0.04-15 None
luola Ubuntu Utopic 1.3.2-9build1 None
gle-graphics Ubuntu Quantal 4.2.4c-3build1 armhf armel
gle-graphics Ubuntu Precise 4.2.3b-2 armhf armel
vectoroids Ubuntu Precise 1.1.0-11 None
madbomber Ubuntu Precise 0.2.5-5 None
ftpgrab Ubuntu Precise 0.1.5-2 None
defendguin Ubuntu Precise 0.0.12-4 None
circuslinux Ubuntu Precise 1.0.3-28 None
hp2xx Ubuntu Precise 3.4.4-8build1 None
luola Ubuntu Precise 1.3.2-7 powerpc i386 armel amd64
luola-nostalgy Ubuntu Precise 1.2-3 None
luola-levels Ubuntu Precise 6.0-5 None
gemdropx Ubuntu Precise 0.9-6 None
bumprace Ubuntu Precise 1.5.3-3 None
bugsquish Ubuntu Precise 0.0.6-7 None
circuslinux Ubuntu Natty 1.0.3-27 None
circuslinux Ubuntu Maverick 1.0.3-26 None
moon-buggy Ubuntu Maverick 1.0.51-9 None
gle-graphics Ubuntu Maverick 4.2.2-4 None
circuslinux Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.3-25 None
moon-buggy Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.51-8 None
gle-graphics Debian Experimental 4.2.2-1 None
ftpgrab Ubuntu Lucid 0.1.5-1 None
defendguin Ubuntu Lucid 0.0.12-2 None
gle-graphics Ubuntu Lucid 4.2.1-2 None
vectoroids Ubuntu Lucid 1.1.0-10 None
madbomber Ubuntu Lucid 0.2.5-4 None
hp2xx Ubuntu Lucid 3.4.4-7 None
amiga-fdisk Ubuntu Lucid 0.04-14 None
luola-levels Ubuntu Karmic 6.0-4 None
luola-levels Debian Squeeze 6.0-3 None
vectoroids Debian Lenny 1.1.0-9 None
moon-buggy Debian Lenny 1.0.51-5 None
madbomber Debian Lenny 0.2.5-3 None
luola-nostalgy Debian Lenny 1.2-2 None
luola-levels Debian Lenny 6.0-2 None
luola Debian Lenny 1.3.2-5 None
hp2xx Debian Lenny 3.4.4-6 None
hodie Debian Lenny 1.4-8 None
gemdropx Debian Lenny 0.9-5 None
ftpgrab Debian Lenny 0.1.2r-9.1 None
defendguin Debian Lenny 0.0.11-5 None
circuslinux Debian Lenny 1.0.3-23 None
bumprace Debian Lenny 1.5.3-2 None
bugsquish Debian Lenny 0.0.6-6 None
amiga-fdisk Debian Lenny 0.04-12 None
madbomber Ubuntu Intrepid 0.2.5-3 None
vectoroids Ubuntu Intrepid 1.1.0-9 None
luola Ubuntu Intrepid 1.3.2-5 None
defendguin Ubuntu Intrepid 0.0.11-5 None
moon-buggy Ubuntu Intrepid 1.0.51-5 None
175 of 175 results