Team participation for cubells

cubells is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Catalan LoCo Team 2007-01-10 Member
Club-Ubuntu 2008-10-27 Member Subscribed
Debian GNU/Linux Users 2008-01-19 Member
Drizzle Discuss 2008-12-29 Member Not subscribed
Freevial Member Catalan LoCo Team
Launchpad Catalan Translators Member Ubuntu Catalan Translators Not subscribed
OpenERP Community (OBSOLETE) 2014-07-06 Member
OpenERP Connector Community 2013-11-17 Member
OpenERP Spain Team 2011-05-25 Member
Organització del Catalan LoCo Team 2010-01-10 Admin
StartUbuntu 2013-09-28 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Catalan Translators 2007-01-09 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Catalan LoCo Team
Ubuntu Server 2011-10-21 Member
Ubuntu Wiki Editors 2018-04-08 Member
Ubuntu in NGOs 2009-06-22 Member Subscribed
Verified LoCo Teams Member Catalan LoCo Team
ubuntaires Member Catalan LoCo Team Not subscribed
ubuntu parties world team 2008-11-07 Member