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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
bf-utf Debian Sid 0.08+nmu2 None
wand Debian Sid 0.5.5-1 None
wand Ubuntu Disco 0.4.4-3build1 None
wand Ubuntu Cosmic 0.4.4-1.3ubuntu1 None
fonts-naver-d2coding Debian Sid 1.2-1 None
unalz Debian Sid 0.65-5 None
python-memory-profiler Debian Sid 0.41+git20161018-1 None
power Debian Sid 1.1~git20121207+dfsg-1 None
sfact Debian Sid 2011.12.18-1 None
skeinforge Debian Sid 11.12.21-1 None

PPA packages

3 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
libhangul Fcitx Unstable PPA - Ubuntu Natty 0.0.12-3~natty None
skeinforge PPA named experimental for Mahyuddin Susanto - Ubuntu Precise 11.12.21-1 None