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Restore nova-network support to the V3 API for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Port and/or put back nova-network functionality into the V3 API
Define core REST API for V3 API for OpenStack Compute (nova)
These are the changes required to finally nail down exactly what is the core REST V3 API
Some of the old V2 API core methods do not have policy checks associated with them. Policy checks should be added
Specification documentation for the v3 API for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Produce documentation for for the v3 API and I think this all flows on from test_api_samples unittests, but there is also likely work required from the documentation team as well. Will need to confirm.
v3 API miscellaneous cleanup for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Miscellaneous cleanups whilst doing v2->v3 API conversion. Holder for minor cleanups we want to do

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