Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
typespeed Ubuntu Xenial 0.6.5-2.1build1 None
typespeed Debian Sid 0.6.5-2.1 None
glitch Debian Sid 0.6-3 None
kanjipad Debian Sid 2.0.0-8 None
numm Debian Sid 0.5-1 None
glitch Ubuntu Precise 0.6-2.1 None
glitch Ubuntu Oneiric 0.6-1 None
alexandria Ubuntu Natty 0.6.6-1 None
alexandria Debian Sid 0.6.6-1 None
gtk-led-askpass Debian Sid 0.11-1 None
typespeed Debian Squeeze 0.6.5-1.1 None
typespeed Ubuntu Maverick 0.6.5-1.1 arm64 arm64
libopengl-ruby Debian Sid 0.32f-2.1 None
typespeed Ubuntu Jaunty 0.6.4-2.1 None
typespeed Debian Lenny 0.6.4-2.1 None
ruby-amazon Debian Lenny 0.9.2-1 None
rbbr Debian Lenny 0.6.0-3 None
libopengl-ruby Debian Lenny 0.32f-2 None
kanjipad Debian Lenny 2.0.0-6 None
gtk-led-askpass Debian Lenny 0.10-2 None
gnome-gpg Debian Lenny 0.4.0-1 None
alexandria Debian Lenny 0.6.1-1 None
ruby-amazon Ubuntu Intrepid 0.9.2-1 None
libjingle0.3 Ubuntu Intrepid 0.3.11-2 None
typespeed Ubuntu Hardy 0.6.4-2 None
telepathy-gabble Ubuntu Gutsy 0.5.8-1 None
libjingle0.3 Ubuntu Gutsy 0.3.11-1 None
libtelepathy Ubuntu Gutsy 0.0.52-1 None
telepathy-gabble Ubuntu Feisty 0.5.5-1 None
libtelepathy Ubuntu Feisty 0.0.51-3 None
telepathy-python Ubuntu Feisty 0.13.8-0ubuntu1 None
farsight Ubuntu Feisty 0.1.10-2 None
gst-plugins-farsight Ubuntu Feisty 0.10.2-1ubuntu2 None
telepathy-stream-engine Ubuntu Feisty 0.3.20-0ubuntu1 None
telepathy-python Ubuntu Edgy 0.13.3-0ubuntu2 None
telepathy-stream-engine Ubuntu Edgy 0.3.7-0ubuntu1 None
libjingle0.3 Ubuntu Edgy 0.3.10-0ubuntu2 None
farsight Ubuntu Edgy 0.1.8-0ubuntu1 None
ruby-gnome2 Ubuntu Edgy 0.15.0-1.1 None
libtelepathy Ubuntu Edgy 0.0.37-0ubuntu1 None
gnome-gpg Ubuntu Edgy 0.5.0-0ubuntu1 None
typespeed Ubuntu Edgy 0.4.4-10 None
rbbr Ubuntu Dapper 0.6.0-3build1 None
ruby-amazon Ubuntu Dapper 0.9.0-2build1 None
alexandria Ubuntu Dapper 0.6.1-1build1 None
gnome-gpg Ubuntu Dapper 0.4.0-1build1 None
ruby-gnome2 Ubuntu Dapper 0.14.1-1.1build1 None
libopengl-ruby Ubuntu Dapper 0.32f-2ubuntu1 None
alexandria Ubuntu Breezy 0.6.1-0.2ubuntu1~breezy1 None
ruby-gnome2 Ubuntu Breezy 0.13.0-2ubuntu1 None
ruby-amazon Ubuntu Breezy 0.9.0-1 None
rbbr Ubuntu Breezy 0.6.0-2ubuntu1 None
libopengl-ruby Ubuntu Breezy 0.32f-1ubuntu1 None
gtk-led-askpass Ubuntu Breezy 0.10-2 armel
typespeed Ubuntu Hoary 0.4.4-8 None
ruby-gnome2 Ubuntu Hoary 0.11.0-1ubuntu1 None
ruby-amazon Ubuntu Hoary 0.8.5-1 None
rbbr Ubuntu Hoary 0.6.0-2 None
mozilla-locale-cy Ubuntu Hoary 1.7-1 None
libopengl-ruby Ubuntu Hoary 0.32f-1 None
alexandria Ubuntu Hoary 0.4.0-2 None
typespeed Ubuntu Warty 0.4.4-6ubuntu0.1 None
ruby-gnome2 Ubuntu Warty 0.9.1-2 None
mozilla-locale-cy Ubuntu Warty 1.6-1 None
libopengl-ruby Ubuntu Warty 0.32d-2 None
kanjipad Ubuntu Warty 2.0.0-6 None
gtk-led-askpass Ubuntu Warty 0.9-1 None
167 of 67 results