Synchronised packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
postbooks-schema-demo Ubuntu Wily 4.9.2-1 None
postbooks-schema-empty Ubuntu Wily 4.9.2-1 None
postbooks-schema-quickstart Ubuntu Wily 4.9.2-1 None
postbooks Ubuntu Wily 4.9.2-1 None
resiprocate Ubuntu Wily 1:1.10.0-1 None
postbooks-updater Ubuntu Wily 2.3.0-2 None
csvimp Ubuntu Wily 0.5.1-2 None
openrpt Ubuntu Wily 3.3.10-4 None
jssip Ubuntu Wily 0.6.34-4 None
csvimp Ubuntu Utopic 0.5.0-2 None
postbooks Ubuntu Utopic 4.7.0-2 None
postbooks-schema-demo Ubuntu Utopic 4.7.0-2 None
postbooks-schema-quickstart Ubuntu Utopic 4.7.0-2 None
postbooks-schema-empty Ubuntu Utopic 4.7.0-2 None
postbooks-updater Ubuntu Utopic 2.2.5-8 None
openrpt Ubuntu Utopic 3.3.7-1 None
resiprocate Ubuntu Trusty 1.9.6-1 None
reconserver Ubuntu Trusty 0.10.3-1 None
sipxtapi Ubuntu Trusty 3.3.0~test17-1 None
ganglia-web Ubuntu Trusty 3.6.1-1 None
rfc5766-turn-server Ubuntu Trusty None
loganalyzer Ubuntu Trusty 3.6.5+dfsg-7 None
jmxetric Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.6-1 None
gmetric4j Ubuntu Trusty 1.0.6-2 None
ganglia-nagios-bridge Ubuntu Trusty 1.1.0-1 None
jssip Ubuntu Trusty None
jscommunicator Ubuntu Trusty 1.1.1-1 i386
postbooks-updater Ubuntu Saucy 2.2.5-4 None
postbooks-schema-quickstart Ubuntu Saucy 4.1.0-1 None
postbooks-schema-empty Ubuntu Saucy 4.1.0-1 None
postbooks-schema-demo Ubuntu Saucy 4.1.0-1 None
postbooks Ubuntu Saucy 4.1.0-3 None
resiprocate Ubuntu Saucy 1.8.14-1 arm64
openmama Ubuntu Saucy arm64
cajun Ubuntu Saucy 2.0.3-1 None
netxx Ubuntu Saucy 0.3.2-2 None
csvimp Ubuntu Saucy 0.4.7-2 None
openrpt Ubuntu Saucy 3.3.4-6 None
jssip Ubuntu Saucy 0.3.7-2 None
avis-client-c Ubuntu Saucy 1.2.4-8 None
pegjs Ubuntu Saucy 0.7.0-1 None
freeradius-client Ubuntu Saucy 1.1.6-5 None
avis Ubuntu Saucy 1.2.2-2 None
ganglia-nagios-bridge Ubuntu Saucy 1.0.1-1 None
144 of 44 results