Team participation for Dmitry Agafonov

Dmitry Agafonov is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Adluxe 2017-01-11 Owner
Launchpad Users 2009-05-27 Member Subscribed
Russian Launchpad Translators Member Russian Ubuntu Translators Not subscribed
Russian LoCo Admins 2010-07-01 Owner
Russian LoCo Core Team 2016-05-20 Admin
Russian LoCo Forum Team 2009-04-01 Owner Subscribed
Russian LoCo IRC Team 2009-03-24 Member Subscribed
Russian LoCo Jabber Team 2009-10-04 Member Subscribed
Russian LoCo QA Team 2009-09-28 Owner Subscribed
Russian LoCo Web Team 2009-04-08 Owner Subscribed
Russian LoCo Wiki Team 2009-04-03 Admin Subscribed
Russian Translators Ubuntu Desktop Course 2009-10-05 Member Subscribed
Russian Ubuntu Translators 2007-03-29 Member
Russian Ubuntu Users 2009-03-31 Owner Subscribed
Saratov Ubuntu Team 2009-04-05 Owner
Ubuntu Advertising 2010-11-24 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Russian Local Community
Ubuntu Russian LoCo Heads 2014-08-27 Owner
Ubuntu Russian Local Community 2009-03-24 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Russian Remix team 2009-09-14 Member
Ubuntu Screencast Team 2010-06-07 Member
Ubuntu Users 2009-05-27 Member
Ubuntu localized iso community 2012-05-15 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu-Tour Team Member Ubuntu Advertising Not subscribed