Hello world,
I have been on Gnu/Linux for at least 6 years now, what a ride!
I first moved onto Fedora Core 1 and then Core 3. I toyed with Ubuntu but found it too slow on my old computer.
Kubuntu is where it's at now; very nice. It's easily the best O/S I have ever used.

I started out as a Z80A kid on a Spectravideo 318. Ah Peek and Poke, those were the days. I never properly learned C, somehow Basic was always there and that's what I stayed with. Nowadays it's Python. I likes my Python.

As far as actual programming goes, I'm far too "arty" to be much good at it. I prefer drawing trees to recursing through them. Still, I tinker and I enjoy learning new things.

Interests: Design. Art. Coding. Learning. Reading. Writing.

Finally, there's just one thing I really want to know: What is the Finish button called in Finland?

I started and still update the Fonty Python project, which really lives off-site because I am too thick to figure Launchpad out. You can read the latest news on my (urgh) blog: http://otherwiseingle.blogspot.com/

Donn Ingle.

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