Team participation for iopenstack

iopenstack is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
China OpenSource Cloud 2013-01-31 Member Subscribed
Cinder 2012-12-15 Member
Glance 2012-09-05 Member
Horizon Developers 2012-12-15 Member
Keystone Devs 2012-09-05 Member
Launchpad Development mailing list 2012-12-15 Member Subscribed
Neutron Developers 2012-09-05 Member
Nova 2012-09-05 Member
Nova API Team 2012-12-18 Member Subscribed
Nova EC2 API 2012-09-30 Member Subscribed
Nova Scaling Team 2012-12-18 Member Subscribed
Nova volume 2012-12-18 Member Subscribed
OpenStack Contributors 2012-12-18 Member
OpenStack Documentation 2012-12-15 Member
OpenStack Team 2012-05-15 Member
Swift 2012-09-05 Member