Owned teams

Team owners are not always team members. The team participation page shows the teams that James Troup is a member of.

120 of 20 teams
Name Summary
Canonical Bootstack Customer Simulation Team
Canonical Bootstack Customers
Canonical digital photographers Lots of people in Canonical are great photographers. Memb...
Canonical IS
Canonical IS BootStack
Canonical IS BootStack NOC
Canonical IS Bootstack Squad
Canonical IS CRE Managers
Canonical IS Foundations
Canonical IS Managers
Canonical IS SAs This team is deprecated. Please use 'canonical-is-sre' f...
Canonical IS SRE Managers
Canonical VC
Debian Developers This is a group of the debian developers in Launchpad. M...
Launchpad Administrators Launchpad Administrators
Legacy - Canonical WTFB
The Canonical Sysadmins
Ubuntu Mirror Admins Administrators for the Ubuntu Mirror listings.
We Are Friday Bootstack Team
[LEGACY] Canonical WebOps Web-focused Operational Systems Administrators at Canonical
120 of 20 teams