Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
memcached Debian Stretch 1.4.33-1+deb9u1 None
memcached Debian Jessie 1.4.21-1.1+deb8u2 None
memcached Debian Sid 1.5.1-1 None
viewvc Debian Jessie 1.1.22-1+deb8u1 None
radare2 Debian Jessie 0.9.6-3.1+deb8u1 None
glob2 Debian Sid None
valabind Debian Sid 0.10.0-1 None
glob2 Ubuntu Yakkety s390x ppc64el powerpc i386 armhf arm64 amd64
aoetools Debian Sid 36-1.1 None
ruby-recaptcha Debian Sid 3.2.0-2 None
ruby-recaptcha Debian Experimental 3.2.0-1 None
pius Debian Sid 2.2.1-2 None
capstone Debian Sid 3.0.4-0.2 None
glob2 Ubuntu Wily ppc64el powerpc i386 armhf arm64 amd64
vblade Debian Sid 22-1 None
valabind Ubuntu Wily 0.9.0-1ubuntu1 None
viewvc Debian Sid 1.1.22-1 None
redmine-recaptcha Debian Sid 0.1.0+git20121018-3 None
libmpeg3 Debian Sid 1.8.dfsg-2 None
ruby-recaptcha Ubuntu Utopic 0.3.6-2.1build1 None
radare2 Debian Sid 0.9.6-3.1 None
memcached Debian Squeeze 1.4.5-1+deb6u1 None
memcached Debian Wheezy 1.4.13-0.2+deb7u1 None
radare2-bindings Debian Sid 0.9.6-4 None
rat Debian Sid 4.2.22-2.2 ppc64el arm64
libemu Debian Sid 0.2.0+git20120122-1.2 None
viewvc Debian Squeeze 1.1.5-1.1+squeeze2 None
k3d Ubuntu Quantal None
k3d Debian Sid None
glob2 Ubuntu Quantal None
bokken Debian Sid 1.6-1 None
pyew Debian Sid 2.0-3 None
k3d Ubuntu Precise None
distorm64 Debian Sid 1.7.30-1 None
glob2 Ubuntu Oneiric None
k3d Ubuntu Oneiric None
aqsis Debian Sid 1.6.0-5 None
k3d Ubuntu Natty None
viewvc Ubuntu Natty 1.1.5-1.1 None
k3d Ubuntu Maverick sparc
viewvc Ubuntu Maverick 1.1.5-1 None
memcached Ubuntu Jaunty 1.2.8-1~jaunty1 None
memcached Ubuntu Maverick 1.4.5-1 None
glob2 Ubuntu Maverick None
k3d Ubuntu Lucid sparc ia64
viewvc Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.9-1 None
memcached Ubuntu Lucid 1.4.2-1 None
memcached Ubuntu Karmic 1.2.8-1 None
ocfs2-tools Ubuntu Jaunty 1.3.9-0ubuntu2 None
k3d Ubuntu Jaunty None
viewvc Ubuntu Jaunty 1.0.5-0.2 None
xmovie Debian Sid 1.9.12-1.1 None
ocfs2-tools Debian Sid 1.2.4-1.2 None
freecraft Debian Sid 1:1.18-2.4 None
fcmp Debian Sid 1.18.20030311-2.1 None
viewvc Debian Lenny 1.0.5-0.2 None
vblade Debian Lenny 16-1 None
uclmmbase Debian Lenny None
rat Debian Lenny 4.2.22-2.1 None
ntfsdoc Debian Lenny 0.5-1 None
linux-ntfs Debian Lenny 2.0.0-1 None
libmpeg3 Debian Lenny 1.5.4-5 None
k3d Debian Lenny None
glob2 Debian Lenny 0.9.3-2 None
glcpu Debian Lenny 1.0.1-6.3 None
drqueue Debian Lenny 0.60.0-1.3 None
aqsis Debian Lenny 1.2.0-2.1 None
aoetools Debian Lenny 26-1 None
k3d Ubuntu Intrepid None
aqsis Ubuntu Intrepid 1.2.0-2.1build1 None
glob2 Ubuntu Intrepid 0.9.3-2 None
viewvc Ubuntu Intrepid 1.0.5-0.1 None
drqueue Ubuntu Intrepid 0.60.0-1.3 None
k3d Ubuntu Hardy None
aoetools Ubuntu Hardy 23-0ubuntu4 None
175 of 146 results